Blind Desire Episode 19


I snuggled coser to Ifeanyi to tap warmth from his. His hands encircled my waist and pecked my cheeks…i smiled at him.
Henna picked the packet of cigarette on the table and brought out a stick causing Ifeanyi to frown.
‘common big bro, its just a stick…its been really long i had a smoke, please…’ Henna pleaded as she brought the cigarette to her lips.
‘Henna, this lifestyle of yours will not help you. No man wants to marry a wayward woman who smokes and drinks like there’s no tomorrow. You’re just seventeen..not even up to the age of smoking….’ Ifeanyi said.
Yes, even i had complained several times about the smoking habit of Henna but she didnt care. She believed in living her life to the fullest, having the most handsome guys at her beck and call, smoking all she wanted and drinking all she wanted! That was how she wanted to live her life.
‘Its my life Ife…’ she lighted the cigarette.
Ifeanyi shrugged resignedly ‘true, its ur life little sis, just trying to be concerned since you’re my sister..’
‘i appreciate…’ Henna said puffing thick smoke into the air.
I looked at Oma and saw she was grinding Chijioke already…Ije was kissing her boyfriend, Zakky..the ugliest boy in our class. Seriously, i dont know what Ije saw in him but she loved him to death. She had other boyfriends, Okechukwu and the likes of them, but she never played with Zakky.
Henna relaxed her back on Jude as they shared her cigarette, laughing to themselves. Everyone seemed occupied with their boyfriends.
Ifeanyi raised my head and kissed me lightly on my lips ‘lets go to the car…’ he breathed kissing my hair.
I understood what he meant…he actually meant having s-x in the car. I shook my head.
‘no, i’d rather remain here’ i replied.
I saw Henna looking at me and with her head she urged me on. She had insisted i told Ifeanyi the truth about Ralph and i, but how could i? How could i ever tell Ifeanyi that i had s-x with Ralph and he disvirgined me? How would Ifeanyi look at me? Would he ever forgive me? What if he ends it with me? What if Henna was wrong dis time? Werent somethings better left unsaid?
I sighed ‘okay, lets go’
He smiled at me and we stood up from the sand. We were actually in Umueke’s playground, more like a village beach, with sharp sands and a small river by the side.
Immediately we entered the car and rolled up our windows, Ifeanyi grabbed me, kissing me and squeezing my bosoms. I moaned.
I wanted more and i drew closer.
His hands went under my skirt playing with my, he pinched it softly and i groaned in ecstacy.
He unbuckled his belt and brought down his boxer…my eyes bulged at the size of his member…his were twice the size of Ralph’s.
He came atop of me and reached for a kiss, but i threw my head to the side.
He stopped and looked at me ‘whats wrong?’
‘nothing…’ i replied ‘Ife, please stand up, i’m not in the mood for this’
‘but Ivyy, you were responding just now…’
‘i said i’m not in the mood please…’ i pushed him away and sat up adjusting my blouse ‘i’ll do this in my own appropriate time, i dont want to rush’
‘are you a virgin?’
That question broke my heart. I wanted to scream yes! I had been a virgin until three days ago! When that jerk….
I saw the hope in his eyes and melted…i bursted into tears.
He held me…surprised and shocked at my tears ‘Ivyy, why are you crying?’
‘i was…i was raped Ife…’ what i said even surprised me…where did that come from.
‘what?!’ he looked shocked.
I had to continue what i already started. Henna would be disappointed in me, yes, but i had to do what i had to do to keep Ifeanyi. I loved him.
‘i was raped. That basta.rd Ralph raped me!’
Am i doing the right thing?