Blind Desire Episode 20


I slept that night with a heavy heart. What have i turned into? Why did i have to lie to Ifeanyi about Ralph? What if he found out the truth…that i wasnt raped my Ralph but had s-x and not only had s-x with him, enjoyed it to its fullest. Henna would be disappointed in me…oh God, what have i done?
I made up my mind to have nothing to do with Ralph anymore. I was going to focus on Ifeanyi because i loved him. It was him i truly loved not Ralph.
I was going to complete treat Ralph like he was invincible, not even bantering words with him. Yes, maybe he suceeded with me, but its over. He was a mistake i was going to regret for the rest of my life.
Exams came and went. It was holiday time!
I loved holidays…no, i used to love holidays.
Because back then, when mama was alive, i used the holidays as an opportunity to assist her in her trade and also learn alot of things from her. I was free from books and morning bells.
Henna made me promise i was going to visit her house on sunday and i agreed to it. While Oma was going to Owe to visit her aunt, Ije was going to travel to Owerri to learn trade and come back only when school resumes. So it was just Henna and i.
I had succeeded…i had escaped Ralph…or so i thought.
I wondered why he didnt expose the fact that he had finally disvirgined me to everyone….maybe God was at work because it was really surprising, unlike Ralph.
I was surprised to see aunt Chime’s ladies bike parked in front of the compound, meaning she was home. It was unusual of her to remain at home by this time of the day.
I shrugged. Maybe she was ill or just came in to pick up something…i was surprised to see a huge black car parked inside the compound too. Who owned the car? Was aunt Chime having a visitor?
I decided to follow the backdoor, but it was locked, so i had no other choice but to follow the frontdoor.
As i neared the front door however, i heard some funny noises.
I placed my ears on the door and heard moans coming from aunt Chime.
‘um…ahn…yesss…dats it…ouch…onowu, thats it..ah..’
My hands flew to my house. Onowu? Henna’s father? In this house? S——g aunt Chime? This is so impossible. Maybe i heard wrongly, it certainly cannot be the onowu.
By this time, her moans had increased ‘aww yeah…ah…ah..ah..onowu ehhhh’
I stared at the black phone Ifeanyi had gotten me yesterday and i smiled. Ifeanyi was a generous and a very nice guy. He made my heart flutter beautifully. The phone was just like Henna’s, if not bigger than Henna’s and i wonder if i could be able to operate it. I hid it from aunt Chime because i didnt know how i was going to explain to her how i got the phone.
There was a knock from the parlour door and i quickly hid the phone under my bed. Who was that?
Was aunt Chime home?
I ran to the door and opened it and i gasped. Ralph! Oh my God, my heart pounded loudly against my chest and i wondered if he heard it. He had a wicked grin on his face.
‘hi baby…’ he called seductively and winked ‘happy to see me?’
I wanted to bang the door on his fac but i couldnt, i just stared at him. That was my mistake because he quickly pounced on me, chewing on my lips.
That was when i realised that i was always longing for his kiss because no sooner had he kissed me that my hands left the door and i wrapped my hands around his neck, responding to his kiss with full vigor.
He kicked the door shut with his legs and we fell on a sofa, with him on top.
He snaked his hand into my top massaging my br.easts through my bra.
Then he tore it off, unhooked the bra and took off his shorts. I closed my eyes in desire as he went down on me. Yes, Ralph knew the right buttons to press to make me desire more.
Suddenly he stopped, and i opened my eyes, i looked at him in confusion, what was wrong? Why did he stop?
‘Ivyy, are you sure you want this?’ he asked with a smile.
I was confused. Wasnt my moans enof to tell him that i wanted this and more?
‘tell me you want this’ he said sitting up.
I nodded.
‘say it with your mouth Ivyy, what do you want?’
‘Ralph, please…’ i moaned as his hands touched my cli.t.
‘i want you…’
‘want me to?’
‘to just FU.CK ME’ i practically screamed it as his tongue went down on me again.
I moaned.