Blind Desire Episode 21


The phone Ifeanyi gave me worsened the whole situation. Yes, i still hid it from aunt Chime, and i had just three contacts on my phone, Ifeanyi’s, Henna’s and Ralph’s.
Like i was saying earlier, the phone Ifeanyi gave me worsened the whole situation. Ralph and i talked very often and we met severally at the inn or at his house. I no longer regretted anything. If anything, i enjoyed it more than ever.
Ralph was still a jerk, several times i had caught him with girls but i just let it slide…because i didnt love him. I could share him with anyone. As far as he satisfies me with what i want, then he’s free to keep as many girlfriends as he wishes.
We laughed.
I was sitting on Ifeanyi’s laps, Kainene and her fiance were seated close to each other on the exquisite sofa. Henna and Jude were dancing together, rocking each other and some of Kainene’s friends were also dancing.
Their sitting room was a mess..filled with cigarettes and alcohol bottles, biscuit wraps and what have you.
We were celebrating Kainene’s engagement in a small way. And of course, the onowu was not around, if he had been, then he wouldnt have allowed us mess up his sitting room like this.
The onowu was a strict man and it still baffled me how a strict man like him could be sleeping with his own daughter and at the same time, s——g my aunt. I found it amusing.
‘yeah baby, rock him harder!’ Kainene cheered at Henna and Jude.
Yes, i know that we were all having fun and all that. But, as a senior, when you see your junior heading towards the wrong path, you draw him or her back, and tell him/her the dangers of following that path. But that was not the case of Kainene and Ifeanyi.
Yes, sometimes Ifeanyi complained, but he wasnt that strict with it. He just shrugged saying it was her life, which was not supposed to be so. They were siblings from the same womb and one’s lifestyle should concern the other.
Kainene was even worse, instead of correcting her sister, she even encouraged her…what sister would do that?
Henna smoked, drank and even kissed her boyfriend in their presence without fear because she knew they werent going to complain, which was wrong. Even if she did those things, she was supposed to have fear and not do it in their presence but it wasnt entirely her fault, if her siblings has been strict siblings, she wouldnt have been doing such in their presence.
It was wrong.
Yes, i’m equally not a saint, i know. I was doing something very terrible, something unforgivable…something unpardonable.
Ifeanyi wrapped his hands around my chest, his hands pressed tightly against my br.easts. I turned to him and smiled.
‘naughty boy…’
‘lets go to my room, let me show you how naughty i am’ he grinned.
‘no, thank you. Dont spoil me’
My phone beeped. I had recieved a text message. I knew it was from Ralph, no one else.
I climbed down from Ifeanyi’s laps, took my phone and headed to the refridgerator, like i wanted to collect something from it.
I quickly opened the text message. It read;
“Heyy beauty, meet me at the inn by five. I promise you a nice s-x, one Ifeanyi would never be able to give you in a life time”
That alone made me hor.ny. I felt wet between my thighs. I quickly replied him.
“I trust you, you never disappoint me. We’ll meet but by six. I’m at Henna’s house and i dont know when Ifeanyi is going to release me, later”
I catwalked back to Ifeanyi’s laps. I couldnt wait for six. I was already hot. Maybe i could make do with Ifeanyi till six, so i leaned closer and whispered in his ears.
‘lets go to your room’
‘really?’ he grinned ‘lets go’
I stood up and we walked to his room with Kainene winking at us.
Immediately we got to the room, we started kissing and fell on the bed.
His hands went under my top pinching my br.easts. But instead of me to feel excited, i felt irritated.
I tried to enjoy it, even faking a moan but i couldnt.
Not that he wasnt doing it well, he was but i just couldnt enjoy it.
It wasnt turning me on, instead i felt like throwing up in his face and slapping him.
Not that i didnt love Ifeanyi, i did, but romance with him was something i didnt enjoy and didnt look forward to unlike Ralph and i.
He noticed i had stilled and stopped ‘i’m sorry, the rape is still haunting you isnt it?’
Yes, he believed i was raped and that was why i was finding it difficult to engage in intimacy.
‘yes…’ i nodded biting my lips.
He rolled off to the other side of the bed and drew me to himself ‘dont worry, you’ll be fine. Sorry for rushing you. I love you’
‘i love you too Ife’ i snuggled closer to him.
I laid on his chest and smiled inwardly.
I checked the wall clock and it was still four.
Can someone help me tell the clock to fastforward to six o’clock?
I’d really appreciate.