Blind Desire Episode 13


I just sat under the mango tree…the cool breeze was very refreshing…
I hated boys…i really hated boys..what Ralph did to me, i wasnt sure i was ever going to forgive him. Yes, not that it was unexpected but i never expected him to have it videod thereby exposing my nudity to many perverted boys in this school. And i was told that everyone who had a phone in school (as a student) got the video.
I saw Henna approaching me and i smiled.
I saw Henna in a new light. Yes, she was a bad girl..yes she was the wild type and a bad influence..but she was way better to those holier-than-thou friends out there who would simply abandon you to your fate in times of need. I never really expected Henna to do what she really did for him. She stood up for me when i needed her the must. And i felt i could trust her now.
‘Vee…been looking for you…’ she sat opposite me fanning herself with a handfan…she was sweating and looked dishevelled.
I eyed her suspiciously ‘what have you been up to? Why are you sweating?’
‘its that shameless old government master oo…that man just wont leave my p—y alone oo…since SS1…you needed to see the way he was begging me for a blowjo.b…’ she hissed.
‘meaning…u slept with him?’
‘i had no oda choice Vee…the man begged me and you know i’m not a wicked girl so i had to help an old man in need. I mean, how can a man old enof to be my fada ask me for a favour and i refuse him…thats cruelty and an act of disrespect’ she rolled her eyes and i laughed loudly

‘seriously…you have a problem’ i said laughing cheerfully..for a moment, i forgot about mama and Ralph and set my whole heart in the laughter i shared with my new BEST friend, Henna.
‘no i dont. I’m just a cheerful giver…so whats up? Have you seen Oma and Ije?’
‘nope…probably with their boos…’ i said returning my gaze to the Nora Roberts “Summer Pleasures” in my front.
‘you know Ije is dating Okechukwu now abi?’
‘which Okechukwu? Ralph’s elder brother in the SS3-science class?’ i asked unbelievably.
‘gbam…you know him wella…that he goat…even if i would have to sleep with every boy in this school before i finish…certainly not Okechukwu, that pompous rat!’ Henna snapped ‘had it not been that his mother and my mother are friends, i would have thought him a lesson…trust me’ she chewed her chewing gum nosily.
I laughed ‘c’mon Henna…give trouble a break! You too like wahala’
She raised her collar stylishly ‘its good to be sharp my dear…that way no one can over ride you no matter who they think they are’
‘exactly…’ i stopped talking when i sighed Ralph coming with Sam as usual.
My heart pounded furiously, were they heading towards my direction?
‘Veeluv…’ Ralph called cheerfully as he approached us… ‘Henna, na here you dhey…na Jude come dhey find you like person wey dhey find gold…’
‘that one no concern you…wetin you dey do for here?’ Henna asked immediately eyeing him.
‘which kind question be that..i come see my babe na….’
‘heyy Ralph or whatever you call yourself…listen and listen very good…just because i’ve not confronted you since or just because i didnt call your name in class that does not mean i do not know that your mother did not marry your father a virgin….’ Henna spat out.
You needed to see Ralph’s became swollen all of a sudden.
Henna continued ‘i just didnt say it because i know your mother and she’s a very sweet woman. Oh! Lest i forget, your father screws all the maids in the house, too bad…and he bits your mum like a punching bag to…my sincere sympathy to your mother…she must be going through alot in the hands of a monster like your father’
His face was a mixture of surprise and shock ‘Henna…how…how did you know…’
‘nothing gets past my ears baby Ralph…i get all the information i want with just the snap of my fingers…so dont go around putting on that playboy and cold exterior of yours because it pisses the hell out of me…you know, i dont even know what i saw in you, you are such a loser without choice…anything that wears skirt becomes your choice…imagine Mesoma…can you compare me and that trash? Yuck Ralph! You disgust me like never before!’
‘Henna…’ i spoke up ‘lets just get out of here’
‘no Vee…’ she said immediately ‘you dont run away from your problems…you deal with it…let the fool speak…thats if he can even utter a word because i will tell the whole school how i overheard his mother telling my mother that both him and his stupid brother were adopted!’
My mouth flew open.
I dont know how the whole school got to know about it but before school dismissed, it was on everybody’s lips ‘Ralph and Okechukwu were adopted children’
I’d never seen Ralph so quiet before and looking withdrawn, embarrassed and sad…i guessed he understood now how people felt when their dirty secrets were exposed.
Once the Economics teacher left, Henna picked up a white chalk and went to the blackboard.
She cleared her throat before speaking ‘as you all know…our almighty Ralph here, Ralph Obi is an adopted child, i wont beat around the bush…but you know, we all are classmates and as classmates, we need to help ourselves in times of need. Now we all know that Chief Agunna Obi isnt Ralph’s real father…and Ralph really should know his father because its mandatory…’ she cleared her throat and winked at me ‘so i want everyone to put hands together and lets search for his father…i mean his biological father…’ she said in a sarcastic tone and the whole class roared in laughter…even i could not help but laugh.
‘silence class…’ Henna said holding her hands up and the whole class became silent ‘so we all are going to be embarking on a operation called OPERATION FINDING RALPH’S BIOLOGICAL FATHER’ She turned and wrote it on the blackboard ‘i will be the president of this research group and Ivyy my assistant…Ije and Oma would be the treasurer and admin officer respectively…if you know you are going to be part of this group…can i see your hands up?’
Everyone (except Ralph of course) raised up their hand…including Sam who immediately brought it down immediately Ralph shot him a wierd look.
Oops! Did i say everyone? Not everyone…because Mesoma soon spoke up.
‘this is not fair Henna, you have no right whatsoever to expose one’s family background make ridicule of it…thats very sensitive’ she said.
Henna wrinkled her nose ‘and who’s the rat squeaking in dis class? Pls i want humans to talk, not rats’