Blind Desire Episode 12


Mrs Asemota looked at me through her glasses ‘why do u nid a written note of permission to go home? Is there something wrong?’
I tried not to blink…because tears might just roll down if i did ‘i’m…i’m sick…i need to go home’
She suddenly looked concerned…being the most intelligent person in my class…i had the favours of so many teachers and our form mistress, Mrs Asemota was no different.
‘okay…are you sure you can walk home by yourself?’ she asked scribbling something down on a sheet of paper.
‘yes i can ma…’ i replied.
She handed the paper to me ‘tell Chigozie to see me’
‘okay mama…’ i prostrated and left the staffroom headed straight to the classroom.
Immediately i entered the noisy class…my eyes went to the blackboard and written boldly on it was;
I nearly collapsed but i managed to drag myself to the seat. Henna came into the classroom that moment followed by Jude. She read what was written on the board and with an angry stare, she faced the class.
‘who wrote this?!’ she asked, her voice laced with anger.
I rested my head on my desk…i should be packing my things and leaving but i couldnt…i just felt like crying my eyes out. Ralph did a number of me…he really won. What hurt the most was the fact that he went ahead telling everyone that he had slept with me and he hadnt enjoyed it because i was too loose and everyone had believed him because of jealousy of my intelligence and probably because of the friends i kept.
‘you guys are really trying me in this class….’ Henna said ‘so what if a girl fu.cks in a restroom…you want to tell me that you’re any better…whether you do it in a restroom or in a bedroom, se.x is se.x…and i wont have you guys taunting my best friend…let this be the last!’ She warned sternly ‘and you Favour….’ she pointed at a light skinned and butty girl ‘wasnt it you i saw with the same Ralph the other day, his hands under your skirt probably squeezing you big as.s like butter and bread behind the Chemistry Lab? Or you want to deny it? Even if you do…i bet Ralph wouldnt…isnt that so Ralph?’
Trust the shameless fool to always be shameless ‘i really squeezed it well…so succulent…’ he said…the guys in the classroom roared in laughter. Favour’s face flushed in embarrassment as she looked at Ralph and Henna in embarrassment.
‘or is you Mesoma or whatever you call yourself…i caught you and Ralph in the male toilet remember?’ Henna continued ‘just because i didnt tell anyone? And then you open that brown teeth of yours to laugh at my friend? Let me catch you again…i will show you that your skin is not as light as a prostitute’s p—y!’ she snapped.
The whole class gasped and all eyes turned to Mesoma. Then she face Okwudili…one of Ralph’s crazy friends.
‘and you Okwy…wasnt your mother the one who was stripped naked and stoned to death in the market square last year simply because she slept…no, raped her neighbour’s child? Or you want to deny it? Because i didnt tell anyone in school that she was your mother? Or you think i didnt see how you acted nonchalant or pretended not to be concerned at the market square that day? You denied your mother when she was publicly disgraced…cant you see? Is your mother any better than Ivyy…then why should she mock her…or is it ur sister who died during abortion and your parents had to lie that they sent her to the city to learn a trade and she died in a ghastly motor accident on her way there? Common…ur family is a mess so you have no rite whatsoever to laff at my friend!’
Even i was shocked…Okwudili’s mother was that woman who was cruelly stoned to death for raping her neightbour’s son? Who could have thought.
Okwudili stared daggers at Henna and she equally looked back.
‘your pussycat eyes do not scare me…because no matter how fierce they looked, they cant kill me!’ she snapped.
Ralph was the first to laugh at his friend.
‘should i continue exposing everyone’s dirty linen here?’ Henna asked.
‘noooo!’ the whole class screamed…everyone scared they might be next.
‘then you all should go on your kness and ask Ivyy for forgiveness!’ she commanded.
They hesitated at first but when she called a girl’s name…everyone went on their knees and turned to my direction.
‘Ivyy, we are sorry…’
‘Ivyy, please forgive us, we shouldnt have mocked you’
‘Ivyy, abeg no vex, we no go do am again’
‘i will buy you lunch just to show you how sorry i am’
Henna walked up to me and i looked at her in tears. She smiled..i stood up and hugged me.
To think i never really liked Henna..but she was the one who stood up for me in my most difficult times.
That marked the beginning of i and Henna’s closeness.
You know ur true friends through hard times..