Blind Desire Episode 11


I was moaning shamelessly…it didnt occur to me that the guy who had his head under my skirt was the guy i hated the most infact i didnt care.
I heard Ifeanyi call me from outside…i didnt respond rather did Ralph stop. He called again and i had to respond.
‘i’m here….’ Ralph’s tongue grazed my ad i whimpered ‘i’m coming…’ i shouted again.
‘are you alright?’ Ifeanyi asked.
‘okay…i…i will just wait for you here’
‘dont bother because i just might take more time…’
‘okay baby…see you at the table…’ i heard his footsteps signify he had left.
I had my hands on the wall with Ralph’s tongue buried deep inside me.
He pulled out and grabbed me for a kiss placing my hand on his throbbing manhood. I wondered what to do with it at that moment.
He unhooked my bra and took it off, then pulled off my skirt and panties and laid me on the floor…i didnt mind that the floor was dirty..he climbed on top me kissing every inch of my body..from my to my neck, my navel, my
He placed his d—k at my entrance and looked at him with a smile of victory.
That smile brought me back to my senses as i pushed him with all my might.
I pounced on him before he knew it raining blows and slaps all over his body, pinching and biting where i could.
After which i wore my panties and bra…he tried reaching for me again and this time i spat on his face. I wore my skirt and shirt, it was rumpled and my hair was a mess…my lipstick was smudged…wouldnt Henna and the rest suspect because Ralph was equally not in the table and to think my voice had been shaky when i spoke to Ifeanyi.
‘you think you’re smart right?’ Ralph cursed wiping the blood from his mouth ‘swear you didnt enjoy it…i’m so going to deal with you’
‘you cant do more than a dead rat, you loser. Let today be the first and the last time you come close to me…else i will report you to the principal…’ i warned.
‘okay, we shall see…’ he stood up and i went out of the bathroom.
Immediately i stepped into the classroom the following day, i saw the way some girls looked at me and whispered.
Ralph and his other guys were by one corner of the classroom smoking as the first period teacher was yet to come.
Henna, Ije and Oma werent in the chair when i came in so i just brought out my mathematics textbook and proceeded to solve more equations.
The wierd stares i recieved were getting to much to the extent some boys even whistled at me…what was going on?
Henna, Oma and Ije came into the class at that time.
They came straight to me ‘pretenders do the worst…’ all three of them chorused.
I looked at them confused…what were they blabbing about ‘what is it?’
‘heyy! Ivyy, i thought you were a virgin…’ Oma stated sitting on the desk.
‘me too oo…hian!’ Ije sighed.
‘whats happening? Why would you even ask me that when you know very well that i’m a virgin…’
‘shut up abeg! Na which person brain you wan wash? Thing is i dont know why you hid it from us when we tell you everything including our sexlife!’ Henna said, her voice a bit high.
Ije signalled her to reduce her voice as people were already staring at us. She looked around the class and shouted at them ‘you guys wont mind your business oo…if you like dont read your books…let ur eyes fall in the middly of the chair…akuna kuna…ashawos like una…fools!’ She cursed.
Someone from the front said ‘at least we are not as cheap as some people doing it in the toilet of a random restaurant!’
Henna jumped down from the chair immediately ‘who said that? Who’s the fool who said that?’
No one said anything…of course everyone was scared of Henna.
‘that person had beta seal his mouth else i will cut a dogs d—k and use it on the person…nonsense!’ She walked back to the chair.
Really, i was confused and my heart was pounding now.
Henna flashed the phone on my face ‘you will have to pay me to delete this video and not tell Ifeanyi of this…he told me you guys were dating…why then did you do this?’
‘do…do what?’ i felt like choking.
She perused through her phone and placed it on my face. I nearly died….it was a video of Ralph and i in the restroom.
The video was clear and well detailed…it stopped when he climbed on top me.
I looked at Ralph who grinned at me and puffed thick smoke towards my direction and i knew mine was over.
How many more problems am i going to have? What to do i tell Ifeanyi?
What do i tell mama?