Blind Desire Episode 14


Papa was around…in the sitting room. Aunt Chime and i were in the kitchen. I still gave them the cold attitude…and they noticed it and gave me chance.
‘Ivyy, i wont be around tomorrow…’ aunt Chime said stirring the soup ‘i and your father would be going out’
Thats it…mama’s persecution day…it brought tears to my eyes…i felt like telling aunt Chime that there’s reward for evil done against a fellow human but instead i asked:
‘Aunt Chime, why dont you like mama?’
She looked up as though she was surprised, then she smiled and closed the lid of the soup sitting close to me ‘what makes you think i dont like your mother?’
‘its very obvious….because i was told you never attended their marriage and you were the only one against mama in the enitire family’
‘thats because i see what others do not. I was right afterall…i dont just hate people…i must have reasons for hating them’
‘whats makes you think you were right afterall?’
She smiled and rubbed my head ‘Ivyy the wise child…trying to get words from my mouth, it will not work, akpa sense….’ she laughed again.
I looked at her in disgust….my hatred for her tripled and i felt like digging the knife in my hand inside her stomach but i restrained myself…i might never be able to save mama but i will surely avenge her.
‘the food is ready…bring plates let me serve the food’ she said rising on her feet.
‘the plates are there…’ i replied coldly and a bit rudely.
She paused ‘are you okay? You sounded rude just now…’
‘i will go fill the jug with drinking water’ i said and left the kitchen.
I passed the sitting room and was heading towards my room when papa called me ‘nwam…’
I spun around…and threw him a cold look ‘what is it?’ i asked gently but coldly.
‘mu ki na gwa what is it? Mu? Nwoke muru gi? Mu (is it me you are telling what is it? Me? The man who gave birth to you? Me) I dont blame you….infact get inside before i scatter your face with slaps…’
I rolled my eyes ‘thats what you were always known for so its not a surprise…afterall didnt you turn mama into a punching bag? Or you should i show you the marks you left on my body…do whatever you like papa because i’m already used to your hostility and wickedness….and did i just call you father? Of course not, i will insult all fathers by calling you one…because you are not worthy to be called a father!’
‘mechionu!’ Aunt Chime who stood by the door holding a tray of food screamed but she was too late as papa stood up immediately and landed me a slap that brought blood from my lips.
‘yes go on…hit me again…its nothing new to me!’ she spat the blood on the ground ‘you are just a shameless father…no, a shameless man and i’ll tell you this again and again. God will judge you for all your evil deeds…and you aunt Chime, the reason why you remained unmarried till now despite you being papa’s senior is because you’ll never let married couple enjoy their marriage thats why God has refused to give you a husband of your own! God’s wrath would soon befall the both of you, just watch and see, evil perpetrators!’ i snapped, spat out blood, eyed them both, then left for my room.
‘Jesus! This girl has just told me my life history….’ i heard Aunt Chime say from the sitting room but i didnt care.
I quickly dressed up in my school uniform early. I hid a black shawl underneath my books and made sure i wore a black gown under my uniform…i had my plans already.
I went to the sitting room and saw aunt Chime dressed in a pink gorge…that was her favourite clothing and she only wore it on special days…now, i wondered what was special about mama being killed today.
‘good morning…’ i greeted and sat on another sofa.
She didnt respond and i didnt care..and i was going to wait for till she gave me my daily allowance…afterall it was just 6:54am.
When she finished painting her face…she looked at me ‘why arent you going to school yet?’
‘because i know that if you had had a child, you wont let the child go to school on an empty stomach’ I retorted.
She looked angry ‘Ivyy, this is the last time i’ll take insults from you, not because i pardoned you yesterday and begged your father to forgive you…if you try messing with me again…i’ll show you the stuff i’m made of’
‘who cares?’
‘you heard me. Throw me out of your house aunty…i want it. Thats why i’m being disrespectful…whats delaying you?’
‘if i throw you out of my house…you’ll have nowhere to go because your father would not recieve you…’
‘so you think…’
‘Chimezie…’ i heard papa called from outside ‘are you ready? Lets go’
She looked at me ‘i’m coming George…’ she dropped two hundred naira on the table ‘go to mama Ebuka’s shop and buy bread, eat it before going to school, then take d remaining to school’ She picked her bag and left.
I waited till i heard their footsteps leave the compound…then i jumped up on my feet.