Black Monday Episode 2


The sounding alarm of Police siren soon overshadowedthe atmosphere in a rather sophisticated manner. Twoblack Police hilux convoy had just accompanied aBullion Van carrying bundles of money amounting toMillions of Naira into the premises of a new generationbank located around a suburb area of Warri, Delta state.The sudden presence of these highly sophisticated menin uniform already sent panic into the air due to theapproach in which they mounted the bank environment.Some persons at the ATM stand who wanted to makewithdrawals were immediately shocked as cold shiverswere sent travelling through their spines in a splitsecond, while some other persons could be seenvehemently shaking, and this was not an exaggeration.
The Bullion Van, together with the Police escort vehiclessuddenly drove into the bank premises immediately thegate was let opened by the security guard, and justwhen everyone thought everything was back to normal,they were taken aback by surprise, seeing another set oftwo White Hilux SUV arriving the scene almostimmediately. The first Hilux then quickly followed thePolice escort that was already inside the bank premises.As soon as the Bank security guard on duty realizedthat these new set of Hiluxs’ were not assigned to theBullion Van, he attempted to swiftly lock the gate, inorder to prevent them from gaining full entrance into thebank, and just then, a bullet was shot directly trailinghis head; he was hit instantly and died on the spot. Itwas until then that it dawned on the bank customersthat they were trapped in the middle of a robberyoperation. The panic attack which the ATM users feltearlier tripled rapidly, and they were now scared to thebone due to fear of the unknown.
The first Hilux vehicle from the robbery squad wasinside the bank compound, while the second one wasparked outside. The robbers alighted immediately incommando style and surrounded the whole place in thespeed of light. They were fully armed with assortedrifles as they had disguised themselves wearing facialmask and Army complete uniform. The Gang had tenmembers on arrival, but twelve members in total;excluding Jude who was yet to show up, and the overallGeneral, the main leader and First-in-command of theGang. More so, they christened themselves “The twelvedisciples” as part of their ritual and gang orientation.These men from the underworld had aligned for thisoperation by moving underwater having utilized a boatfrom a nearby riverbank. Although, referred to as “Menfrom the underworld” two female also belonged to thisgang of robbers, but during their ritual and initiationprocess, their thinking faculty had thoroughly beenchanged, so that they could begin to think and act liketheir male counterpart.
They no longer had a softconscience anymore, and showed no mercy beforepulling a trigger.There was pandemonium everywhere, the bankcustomers that earlier stood at the ATM stand werenow all heads flat, lying on the ground with fear writtenall over their faces. Also, there were five members of theGang of Robbers that entered the bank with the firstHilux, while the remaining five remained outside toensure that nobody tried to leave the scene until theywere gone, and also to exterminate any intruder thatwanted to infringe on their way to finishing theoperation successfully. Amongst them was ‘Preacher,’the self-acclaimed new second-in-command of theGang.Sooner than later, the five gang members inside thebank premises stood strategically at different positionsand began shooting sporadically at the police men -who in turn fired back, but were eventually overwhelmedby the robbers as their bullets practically had no effecton them.
Put differently, the bullets didn’t penetrate intotheir bodies which was a crystal clear sign that theyhad been thoroughly cooked by the witch doctor thatprepared their protective charms. The entire police menwere dropped dead in the blink of an eye and this pavedway for the robbery operation to progress into thesecond phase; except for the Bullion Van driver whoselife was spared.The coast was more clearer now that the police menwere erased from the picture; Preacher then walkedinside the Bank gallantly, and came back minutes laterwith the Bank manager who was physically shaking likesomeone strucked with lightening. He was holding a keyon his hand, as he was made to open the Bullion Van tobehold a truck-load of money wrapped in bundles. Theirexcitement knew no bound as they started packing themoney into the ‘GHANA-MUST-GO’ bags that becamefive bags filled.Upon realizing the purpose of their assignment, theybegan carrying the bags to the Hilux vehicles that theycame with; But then, they couldn’t hide their joy, hence,they began spraying bullets into the air, unknown tothem that the bank customers outside who were lyingon the ground would become more petrified whilsthearing different sounds of gunshot ringing inside theirhead, as though they were knockout. Extreme fearinstantly gripped about three of the bank customerswho came for withdrawals, as they swiftly stood uprunning for their lives.Preacher was vexed seeing that they tried to play asmart game upon his leadership manner, which didn’tquite go down well with him. Hence, he shot three ofthem at intervals while they fell to the ground gaspingfor breath. Preacher then walked closer towards them,and again shot them several times to ensure that theydied a pitiable death.
“Send my regards to the devil when you get to Hell..”He said aloud and made a sinister smirk.Other members of the Gang were stunned as theywatched with rapt attention how their new so-calledleader had just pulled a stunt that people only get tosee in movies. They had never seen Jude pull such astunt before. Indeed, Preacher was trying so hard tooutdo his closest rival, as he wanted his fellow robbersto acknowledge his Ruggedity.Unsatisfied with the killings so far, Preacher walkedcloser to the ATM stand and started shooting everyother persons lying on the ground, thereby killing themwith a feeling of impunity. His intention was to ensurethat anyone who witnessed the robbery do not surviveto tell the story. He had succeeded in killing everyone ofthem but the last person who was a very pretty fair-in-completion lady; Just then, he halted for a second,while she was glued to the ground wailing and beggingfor mercy. For a moment, it appeared as thoughPreacher still had an ounce of conscience left in him ashe kept scrutinizing the lady from her head down to hertoe.
Then he turned around and slowly began walkingaway as if he wanted to spare her life, but turned backalmost immediately and aimed the gun at her head,while about to pull the trigger, and just then, somethingunexpected happened.