Endless Tears Season 2 Episode 3


A screeching sound emanating from the tyres of anothertroops of security vehicles and sirens wereheardindistinctly approaching toward the scene of therobbery. This new development took the gang unawaresas they thought their mission was alreadyaccomplished, hence, they failed to envision thepossibility of more police personnel, men of the specialanti-robbery squad (SARS), and Mopol arriving thescenario in unison. The robbers became alert as theybegan disembarking while carrying the bags of moneyas they made away.
Preacher knew immediately thattheir cover had been blown, that way he decided totransfer his aggression on the innocent lady lying flatbefore him, as he wanted blowing off her head, then astray bullet came from afar and hit him on his left chest,exactly on the spot where the heart is located. Then, hefell to the ground bleeding profusely and died a slowdeath.Not long afterwards, Jude came out from hiding andbegan leading the Gang to their escape, but then, heforgot to mask his face, but when he remembered to doso, it was too late as the security camera situated atthe bank had already captured his face.
Apparently,Jude had been on top the branch of a huge mango treefrom the outskirts of the bank area, thereby, observingeverything happening with his ‘Sniper-Lens’ gun fromthe very beginning. He was responsible for the death ofhis partner-in-crime, Preacher, who was eventuallykilled by the one person he hated the most, and themost pathetic thing about him dying was that he diednot knowing the cause of his death. Perhaps, now, hecould greet the Devil himself.The Bank Manager had earlier put a distress phone callto secret agents who later informed the police and otheragents of social control just before Preacher had goneinside the Manager’s office. These security operativeswere shooting the Gang members back to back as theyfled the environ, but before they could get to them, theyhad technically mounted the two white Hilux vehiclesthat they came with and started zooming off; This time,a bullet was shot at one of the Gang members who fellout of the SUV, and was apprehended before he couldescape.
Although, he wasn’t dead but was badlyinjured.The robbers drove as fast as they could but the securitymen gave them a hot chase. Seeing that they could getcaught by these security officials, they reached a marketarea and began spraying bundles of Naira notes on thefloor, in thousands, and in order to escape being caught.Their plan magically worked as Market women, Childrenand also buyers rushed in their numbers and startedpicking the Nigerian currency on the floor, while somefell inside the gutter filled with mud and dirty water.This eventually made it possible for the robbers toevade arrest as the security operatives were blockedfrom performing their duty.The Gang of robbers finally escaped through water bycrossing the local river, but not after setting the twoHilux SUV’s on fire in a bid to destroy any evidence ortrace.
Alas! After the whole drama had unfolded. Over fiftypersons were killed on that Monday morning in anattack that lasted about half an hour. The only victimsurvivor from the Bank was the fair-in-completion ladywho also barely escaped death.*******************************3:00p.m.Silence had suddenly taken over the auditorium. Theremaining nine members of the gang were strategicallyseated while waiting on the arrival of the overall general.The five bags of money stolen were kept at the alter,and just about then, the General stepped out from hisoffice while walking majestically to the bags of moneywith his footsteps echoing loudly. He walked toward thefilled bags of money, opened it and then heaved a smile.”Glory be to God Almighty!” He muttered and clapped.”Welldone my Sons and Daughters. Today, you’ve onceagain proven yourself to be the true children of yourfather.” The General added.The General was the overall leader of the Gang. He wasa fairly aged man who was in his early 60s, A priest andthe founder (General Overseer) of a mega Pentecostalchurch named St. Clement Believers’ Church in Warri,Delta State.
He was also the spiritual father who alwayspray and blesses them before they embark on anyrobbery operation.”My Children, why are you people not saying anything?,What is the problem?” He enquired asking nobody inparticular; yet, silence replied.”J3, I command you to speak now!” He shouted slightlyraising his voice, while referring to Jude, the second-in-command whose nickname was J3.”Father, it is with a heavy heart that I’m sad toannounce to you that though, we succeeded in thisoperation, but we lost our brother Preacher, who waskilled today, and Stone who’s currently in Policecustody.” Jude slowly raised his head up and said.”Hmmm… Is that all?” The General asked, but beforeJude could respond, Small cuts in.”Preacher would’ve been alive now if it wasn’t for you.You didn’t show up when the team needed you themost.
” Small fired.”Will you shut up your mouth! Was I not also there tolead you guys to safety at last.” Jude retorted trying todefend himself.Truth is, they probably wouldn’t have lost any lifesupposing Preacher wasn’t hell-bent on spillingunnecessary blood when they were supposed to escape.”Enough! This is not the time to put the blame onanyone. The deed had already been done.” The Generalresolved and went further to speak. “And what aboutStone, what happened to him?” He asked.”He was shot and then fell out from the vehicle whenwe were escaping.” Jude replied, albeit, with a fainttone.”I’m glad that the rest of you are alive, hale and hearty.Now that two of our men are dead, be prepared for theinitiation rites of two new members. As you alreadyknow, it is our tradition that once a brethren transit,another is installed in order to balance the lineage ofthis brotherhood. We are, The Twelve Disciples!” TheGeneral blurted amid evil laughter.”Yes, Your Lordship!” The Gang members replied intogetherness, and bowed their head before General, theHigh Priest.
“But Father, we’re not certain yet whether Stone is deador not” Margaret said.”Well, consider him dead tonight!” The General said andthen Margaret stared at her boyfriend Jude withdisbelief but ‘J3’ pretended not to notice her.Margaret, also dubbed ‘Maggi’ was the first out of thetwo female to be initiated into the Gang. She was theofficial girlfriend of Jude, the second-in-command, butalso the ceremonial Booty-call to every other male inthe Gang.Their tradition also demanded that they do not keep aclose relationship with anybody other than themselves,so that their secret doesn’t get revealed to an outsider,hence, they were forbidden to have girlfriends/boyfriendsexcept making out with persons without any feelingsattached.After all was said and done, the General announced tothe Gang that they would be hosted to a wonderful treatin celebration of their success and bravery towards theoperation, he also assured them that the money realizedwould be shared judiciously according to their rank andadvised them to start thinking of what to do with theirvarious share of the money, because they may not needto go back to robbery anytime soon, as the moneyrealized was enough to cater for their needs for the timebeing. They were instantly reeled with joy whilstchanting various jubilation songs of victory.
It was only a matter of time before reality would beginto pass its judgement on them. Karma they say is aB..I.T.C..H; It spares no one caught in the act of evil,and the evil that men do, lives after them…