Black Monday Episode 1


Time was tickling very fast, emotions were becommingmore heated. Seconds turned into minutes, and themoment was approaching gradually. Information hadreached the Gang members that a particular Bullion Vanwould be conveying Millions of Naira to a New-generation Bank at about 8:00a.m, and their plan wasto attack the Bullion Van at Gun point and cart awaywith the money, despite being held under tight securityby the special anti-robbery squad.
For about a period two-year, the city of Warri had beenplagued with several crisis emanating from a particularGang of Robbers specialized in the act of Robberyactivities of various kinds ranging from ‘Invading ofresidential buildings, to Car hijacking, Kidnapping, Mallattack, Breaking of shops and stealing of its goodsduring the Night and so on. The most striking thingabout this Group was that nobody knew who they were,or where they came from, but then, they somehowmanages to carry out their criminal activitiessuccessfully without any trace for the agents of socialcontrol to keep the hoodlums perpetuating the crimesbehind bars.
Today, this same Gang of Robbers were about to carryout yet another most tasky attack which proved to betheir hardest operation so far; especially as it was to bedone during the daytime, and not business as usual.Whether they would succeed or not was yet to beknown, but one thing was for sure, their lives were atstake as some members of the Gang had already beenfortified spiritually with protective charms by asupposed powerful herbalist, and anyone that tried toget in their way would surely be going down, just likethe Naira; and that included the Police.Jude kept checking his wrist-watch by every flyingmoment, but the Road situation was yet to make anygreat improvement as vehicles were only able to moveat a slow pace. Upon seeing that the traffic situationremained stagnant, Jude promptly excused himself outof the tricycle, popularly called “Keke-Napep” which hehad boarded about thirty-minutes earlier, forgetting thathe had not paid the Keke Rider his transportation fee,and just about then, his attention was called back bythe Rider who quickly made out and demanded his feewhile giving Jude an inquisitive stare of “You nor go payme my money?!” look.
Not having time for any drama,Jude then thrust his hand into the right pocket of hisPens trouser, and handed the Rider a neat two-hundredNaira note supposedly for a distance which he didn’treach and bothered not to demand for his change, butnot after he had given the Rider a deadly and scornfullook that could pass for a thousand words beforeleaving the scenery and continued his journey on foot.Only but if – the Rider knew that Jude had with him aPistol Gun, definitely, he would rather not havedemanded for his money while pulling such an attitude.Surprisingly, Jude was well- responsibly dressed, clad ina long-sleeve top and a Plain Black pens trouser, havingtouched the shirt into his pants, and wearing a Black-coloured designer shoe to match with. His appearancecould pass him for the Manager of a reputable coy,unknown to many that he was the second-in-commandof the most Dreaded Gang terrorizing the whole ofWarri.
All of these were an attempt to conceal his trueidentity, as he had always proved not just to be aRobber, but a highly intelligent one at that. indeed, hewas a baggage too much to be predicted.Despite coming from the creeks, Jude was formally a decent individual having bagged a degree in Psychologyat the renowned ‘Delta State University, Abraka.’ at theage of twenty-two, until he later furthered his educationat the Prestigious ‘University of Ibadan’ where heobtained a Master’s degree in Criminology at the age ofthirty. Thereafter, he was thrown into the labour marketwithout any good job to his intelligence and degrees puttogether, except for some few working places where hewas offered peanut as salary. Hence, he decided toapply his knowledge into something more productive bybecoming a professional thief.
After trekking for approximately five minutes, Judefinally made it out from the traffic congestion and into anearby area which was a semi-dilapidated slum.Although, he had a personal car to himself, butregarding the plan for this operation, he had to arrivethe scene in person, and alone from other Gangmembers.Shortly afterwards, Jude received a phone call from oneof the Gang members whose name was ‘Preacher.’ Hebecame Jude’s closest rival among the circle – after helost out in the bid to become the second-in-commandof the Robbery squad – of which Jude won by populardemand. Ever since then, their friendship became heldbound with a pinch of salt, as they categorically becamesworn enemies but only cooperated with each otherduring an operation; while in reality, they both wish eachone of the other was dead.
In the phone call, Preacher made it known to Jude thatevery other member of the Gang had converged at aspot and set to carry out the attack as soon as theBullion Van arrives. Whereas Jude, the supposed leaderof the Gang, in absence of the overall General, was nowhere to be found, and that he would now take over themantle of leadership with or without the arrival of Jude;But Preacher didn’t just end there, he wanted morestressing that Jude should be ready to be overthrownby him, claiming that Jude wasn’t fit for the position heoccupied, as he had failed to perform his rolejudiciously. Jude then ended the call with disgust, without himuttering a single word to his partner in crime – who forsome reasons had just changed his mood. He wasinstantly reeled with anger and contempt which wasquickly evident from his facial countenance.
The battle line had been drawn. It was only a matter oftime before the battle of superiority would soon clashwith one of the hardest Robbery attack ever. Indeed, This meant war!!!