Bitter Sweetness Episode 19


It was exactly 9:26 PM when power was cut off. We all had been seeing the TV at the living room excluding the sales boy. He usually sleeps before 9:30 so as to make it up early for the shops the next day.

I had entirely lost hope in doing anything with Onyinye. In fact I had taken my bath, in readiness for sleep. I was never going to consider going into her room at night. And I never expected she was going to do same because I knew she was aware of the enormous risk attached to that.

Now I had the feeling that both of us had resolved to what fate had to bring our way as we both sat at the living room with the rest. Felix was also with us and he kept having endless conversations with D and Onyinye.

I kept picking up broken interests here and there even though those were a major distraction to the attention I was giving Onyinye. She had not been able to give me uninhibited views of her crotch because of the presence of Felix but I was still treated to very good flashes of her succulent thighs and seductive p@anties. She knew how to get me in the mood.

“You should take the lamp with you”, she had said as D made for the foyer with Felix. “Remember it’s late”. They both had opted to stay outside for fresh air. As they left with the rechargeable lamp, I made for my laptop that had been charging by the side stool. In no time I got busy with it. I could still hear D laughing uncontrollably outside and wondered if they knew they could be disturbing the neighbors. I was still making these thoughts up in my mind when I suddenly felt a pull on my left leg.

I strained my eyes to tell who it was in the darkness completely forgetting that myself and Onyinye were the only ones left in the living room. The pull came again just enough to explain to me it was her. I let her take my leg as it seemed that was what she wanted to do. She brought it to a place I felt was her thigh and the next nudge she gave, told me exactly what she wanted. My interest had left the laptop whose light beam was the only trace of light in the living room.

I moved my leg further in; tracing the entire length of her fleshy thigh until I came in contact with her crotch! Her p@anties was gone!

“How did she manage to do that?”, I heard myself asking. Had she taken it off right now because I could not remember seeing her stand and leave even though there was pitch blackness in the room. I cared less now. I quickly went for her opening but found what I felt was her cl!t covering, so I settled there.

I began giving it a steady rub with the underside of my big toe. She was feeling the s£nsat!on and did hold unto my ankle. She wanted it harder and I had to make it faster.

to be continued