Bitter Sweetness Episode 20


After this had gone on for a while, I quickly brought my right foot to her crotch too. I had too legs on her now and I needed to put them to work. I was not scared of any ills as I was sure she was aware that I just recently had my bath.

All our plans had failed but we were determined to make up for all of it with this particular moment. All we needed was a prayer that will keep Uncle D, Felix and the bloody lamp outside.

My right leg found her opening which was as expectedly full of very slippery fluid. I brought my toe to the tip and I felt her open her legs further while pushing her hips towards me. This made my toe penetrate her at once and quickly got covered in the warmth and dampness of her sweet K!ttyC@t! I began to F**K her with it while still rubbing her cl!t with the other.

She was practically bumping her entire body against my two feet and I made sure to keep enough energy in them to give her the service she deserved!

As this continued, I found it hard to keep up with the pain I felt from my suppressed stiff J0yst!ck so at some point, I sharply freed if from my boxer shorts. It was out in the open and I mechanically stoked it as I sent waves of pleasure into Onyinye’s juicily drenched K!ttyC@t.

She had held my ankles so tight to her mid riff that I almost thought they would break. This also was forcing me out of my seat and when I could not stabilize my seating anymore, I dropped to the rug with her closing the lid of my laptop as I did.

We both stopped all movements at once straining our thoughts to see if the duo at the foyer could tell what happened. When we got no inclinations that they did, I quickly made my way to the right side of the living room, using my butt0ckz to propel me. I needed to maintain some distance from her so that we would not be easily caught even if someone were to walk in.

When I had found a comfortable position, I resumed my duties. I was in a better position to endlessly pump those toes into her since I was now at the same level as herself. She was on her back and had her knees raised while they remained far apart. Her gown was right around her hips as I could not feel them anywhere around her thighs. She still had her hands on my ankles and I could feel how she Fed herself with my toes as though they were her d—o!

I was not very comfortable with her total abandon judging that any person who would walk into the living room will be greeted to her swollen K!ttyC@t lips save if he had no lamps with him. However, I knew the last thing she was thinking at the moment was being caught so chose to stick with the risk!!

After what seemed like ages, she took my obviously dripping toes out of her K!ttyC@t and pulled me towards her. I was worried at what she wanted as I did not want to make close contact with her. But when she kept doing so, I had no option than to agree.

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I slid myself towards and over her. She kept pulling me until I was completely over her body. She quickly got hold of my J0yst!ck and I knew what followed. A 69!! She was a very experienced woman!

I flipped my body at once and located her crotch again. Its smell was muskier than I had ever known it and was sure testament that she was so aroused. I immediately buried my head into the area making sure my nose penetrated her slit!! What a glorious smell filled my nose!

She in return grabbed my 8inch boner and did her best to get her lips around it. It was obviously a bit larger than she could take but she soon adjusted her mouth to its size.

We began another journey. I was Bleeping her mouth with my J0yst!ck while she Fed my face with her drenched K!ttyC@t. I was in another world and I tried my best to make her understand it.

She had her meaty laps pressed against my ears and even got to a point where she brought them over my head, pressing me into her K!ttyC@t the more. I thought she was going to strangle me doing that and I really struggled with my breathe. I was never going to stop lapping all those juices she was creaming doing this.

Our rubble continued farther than I had envisaged and I was increasingly getting worried that the m0ans that were coming from her which was only stifled by the fat J0yst!ck in her mouth, would soon get to the people outside. Just before I could think out something to do about it, I felt her laps hold on tighter on me and bang! She sprayed me with more liquid! She was squirting madly!!

At this point she removed my J0yst!ck from her mouth and began yelling! I had to quickly located her mouth with my palm in the darkness to cover it up!! That did little to stop her but I was pleased it dampened the noise a bit. She was uncontrollably convulsing and I could feel the rug under us dampen up! Wonder what excuse we are going to give when D sees it tomorrow.

To be continued