Bitter Sweetness Episode 18


She was in her bedroom when I found her. She was moving her things from the handbag she returned with into another handbag. She did not know I walked in since she was backing the door.

I walked up behind her and tucked my body unto her making sure my stiff J0yst!ck found some warmth against her bum. She gave a very slight sigh and turned just her face towards me. I pecked her on the neck while tracing the skin of her butt0ckz with my right hand. She was getting even warmer.

“I missed you honey”, I heard myself say.

“I missed you too love”, was her reply as I saw her bring her lips to mine as we had our first ever kiss.

My hand had gradually drawn the hem of her gown up and was now making its way into her p@anties. She said nothing nor made any effort to stop me.

“The kids will be back tomorrow”, was her next statement, leaving me dead in my tracks! She immediately sensed my sudden withdrawal and with her own hand, pushed my hand further into her p@anties.

“You mean your daughters?”, was all I managed to say next. My hand was now inside her butt0ckz crack and was making it straight to her c–t. I was already feeling the intense heat radiating from right in-between her legs onto my fingers.

“Yea. They are heading back for their mid-term break”, she was barely able to speak. She was on heat.

“Too bad.” I said, carefully watching to see her reaction to the statement.

“Yea, too bad. I wished they could stay longer over there”. She stunned me with those! She cared about my staying around now more than she cared about her daughters’!

I was been driven nuts! I responded by locating her v—a and when I found her very wet opening, my thumb and first fingers easily glided in with a squash!! She was dripping again. “Oh FK!”, was all she could say. She was now ridding and Bleeping my fingers. I knew we were taking this a bit too far as Uncle D could come into the bedrooms any moment but I did not know how to stop.

“I can always wait for any length to have your J0yst!ck inside me again, Danny”, she was practically jerking now!! I could sense intense contractions on her K!ttyC@t walls. She was cumming on my fingers!

“Me too honey”, I replied even though I knew where she was going by that statement. We were going to stop having any contacts until her daughters were through with their break. But I knew that was not going to be because I had just four more days here. “But I was just given an apartment”, I followed up, knowing fully well that I needed to tell her.

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Silence followed and I sensed how she let the tight grip her K!ttyC@t had on my fingers loosen up. She was shocked!

“You are going to leave us?” she replied totally surprising me by the extent of absolute maturity she was exhibiting.

“Yea. Thursday”, I answered.

“Really too bad”, was her next comment and as she said that, she completely let my fingers slip out of her leaving the air in the room entirely filled with her scent. I brought the juice covered fingers to my mouth and gave them a good sU-Ck and lick!

“Then we just have today, Danny”, she was being very open now and it turned me on instantly!

“Yea. Wonder how that is going to go?” I probed. She hissed and waved her head again. I was off her now and was resting against the wall.

“We would surely fix it honey”, I heard myself say again trying to return hope to her.

“Yea. Sure. Will let you know when I have sorted things out with him, okay?” she promised. She was implying that she was going to arrange for our staying together. I wondered how she was going to do that but I was eager and very hopeful.

“Okay.” I reaffirmed. I needed to return to the living room. So grabbing her b0s0m and giving them a firm sq££ze, I headed off to join the others.

The rest of the day suddenly began dragging on like an eel. It kept looking as if I was not going to have my opportunity at each passing hour.

I had told uncle D about my new apartment and he was so happy for me. He even offered to follow me to the place to inspect it properly but I refrained as I did not see any use for that. Nevertheless, he still promised to assist me further in any other way he could. I was very grateful for his kindness.

However, I still felt I had to reschedule my initial plan with Danny. My agreement to move on Thursday was not looking sensible anymore since I doubted I would ever get the chance to lay a hand on Onyinye again after this particular day. I just had to leave the following day.

Onyinye on her part was yet to give me signals that our plan was making any headway. I had thought she would get her husband to leave the house or something but it was not looking like it. I was gradually growing impatient and each time she moved into the living room or across it, I just had my eyes fixed on her, following her every movement and hoping she would signal me but nothing like that came from her.

It was getting dark and I was getting really worried. After what felt like a decade of patience, I decided to see if I could assist in the plans. I made for my bedroom. I was going to pack my bags against tomorrow. At least that was what the cover intention was. But I looked forward to seeing Onyinye come into my room where we could FK.

As I folded cloths after cloths into my bag, I watched her cross my room severally. At few points did she look my way. And at even fewer points did she acknowledge I was at my bedroom. I knew then that it was difficult for her. She had no idea how we were going to have proper s*x, with her husband under the same roof. She was simply scared. When I had done all that had possibly brought me in, I left the bedroom.