Bitter Sweetness Episode 17


“Ummmm…well, it depends on you” was his reply. I could not believe I heard that as I never expected to be in a position to make any choices in this. “If you could make it early enough Thursday morning, we should be able to beat his coming”. I was glad. It was still Sunday and I had a good four days to accomplish my greatest tasks!

“I can make it very early Danny” I argued.

“If we can leave it Thursday, I would deeply appreciate it”.

“It is good then. Thursday is just fine. I will leave Amaka a message on that.” he had accepted my request and was about ending the call.

“Thanks a lot man. You are the best.” I commended.

“It is all good man. Have a swell morning. Cheers”, and the call was over. It had happened so fast but looked really sorted out! What defined my morning was not out of the usual. I had plans to follow the sales boy to their family church. This was something I had already done once since I came; judging that I had seen just two Sundays there: the Sunday of my arrival and that of the just concluded week.

The fact remained that even if I never felt like being at any church service that morning, I just had no excuses to give uncle D for not doing so. His supposed spy should not fail to tell him everything if he asks. I had been the good boy to Uncle D and I needed to remain so.

The church service was unto a large gathering and the venue was not so far from where the Agbos stayed. My real big problem was my head. It could not just do as I wished.

As the Vicar delivered a perfect sermon on restitution, I was constantly seeing several F K scenes between myself and Onyinye playing right inside my head! It was just a running stream of endless Bleeping and it was not long before I began experiencing the sheer discomfort a hugely erect J0yst!ck could bring. I needed to go. I needed to catch up with Onyinye. Wondered if they had finished up at her friend’s church. I needed to F K her!

Although I could see several hot girls around there in church serving as ushers and stewardesses, I could not just pick any interests in them. Most of them were rightly in very tight outfits which I doubted was most appropriate for the occasion considering how questionable the slits on them were.

Most ran up to their upper thighs thereby giving the congregation the most lewd views of woman sexiness one could ever imagine right inside a church. I wondered what the wives to the men present did say whenever they all got home.

However, for me, each time my eyes got caught up by these many thighs being flung and flashed all over the church hall by these ladies, I could not help but simply imagine they were Onyinye’s; how I would rush them, get in-between them and F*K her silly right before the vicar if they belonged to her.

The sales boy’s brisk tap on the shoulder was what told me service was over so i got off my thoughts.

When the door bell rang, few hours after we had returned from the church, I had just expected to see Onyinye. However, seeing Uncle D walk in too was a mixed feeling of delight and disappointment. They were in fact three. I later learnt the third person was Mr. Felix; a business colleague to D. They had shopped together at Onitsha but Felix still intended to use a market at Ebonyi State.

He was going to sleep over at the house and then take off for Ebonyi the following day. I quickly welcomed them all, taking particular time to extend it to Onyinye too. As I did, I made sure to let my hand brush her b0s0m. She needed to know I was still h—y for her even though her husband was there and the eye she gave me told me she understood. The chemistry was just so much and we both loved it.

I took their bags from them and tried making them comfortable. Onyinye had walked past us into the bedroom. I suspected she needed to change. And as she walked in, I never failed to trail her swaying butt0ckz as she took each step. She was a pot of sx! And I was happy to be in the same house as herself.

The entire house was soon back to life with a buzz! Uncle D’s return was so contributive. His excessive talking and laughter felt so good too our stay. I was sure he had achieved a failed plan. His spy could not get anything to give him. Even though I felt rather bad about the sales boy’s stay, I still felt glad that he could now serve as some kind of false proof that nothing was going on between myself and Onyinye.

As for Onyinye, I kept following her movements around the house. Taking every slightest opportunity to catch a glimpse of her swaying butt0ckz cheeks. She had changed into what I now felt was her favourite pink gown and that could not just let me think of any other thing.

“Am I in for another lewd upskirt today?” I asked myself as I played out my last time with her. My J0yst!ck was so steel stiff thinking this that I had to stand and began looking for her. I needed to touch her body, no matter how slightly. It was so painful I was going to leave this woman soon.

to be continued