Bitter Sweetness Episode 16


Nevertheless, I would not still want her c–t sipping juices all afternoon just because of her yet unquenched hunger for more sx! When I felt it was work closing time, I began indicating to Danny that I had to go. He had no idea what my reason coming to see him was but he had been a brilliant host.

A couple other persons had popped by to say hello too and at one point, the house was full with people. He was a really good guy and I found it rather cool being introduced as his name sake. However, when I sensed it was time to go, I did leave him behind. He had walked me off with another girl I felt was his girl friend and I was soon in a bus heading to the Agbos.

On getting in, I was greeted to the most disturbing news of the day; Onyinye was going to see out the night at her friend’s!! The universe stopped!! Where on earth was that coming from?!! How could she have agreed to that? Or was she not still aware how much little time we had before the return of Uncle D?

I was confused and furious at the same time! I could not just put it into perspective. Everything looked a very failing plan now. The sales boy had been home and he was the one who received the little girl Onyinye had sent to deliver the message as both our phones had not been through. I had a lot to worry about. I had no idea how I was going to see out the night! It was a night I had sub-consciously set together as the night of all acts!!

I had put up several thoughts of what I was going to do to her sexiness! This was a complete blow and I was going to see a lot of hard time going through.

As the night wore on, I tried mixing out my activities. I used my laptop for a couple of tasks before switching the TV on for leisure. They managed to engage my thoughts and emotions to a level and did so, quite well too; that even when Danny’s message dropped into my phone, I had little notice that It was there:

“My girl friend and I have considered allowing you stay with us henceforth. Since she hardly spends her days in the apartment, it won’t be difficult settling with us. Trying to assist a brother. Give it a thought”.

I felt my heart stop. I read the message again. And again. And again! Danny was offering me space in his apartment. I did not know what to make of it! This was the exact thing I had wished for right from when I began the IT thing with Enugu but could not lay any finger on a single offer.

Now, Danny was offering to help me out. I remember telling him about my search for an apartment of which has not been going as intended and I remember his promising me to find me a place. But I just did not think that place was going to be his place. That girl was his girlfriend after all.

It was good news but yet very worrying. I had intentions of leaving the Agbos at some point as that was the initial plan but I just did not know how that was going to work out at the moment. I just did not know how I would pack up my things and leave Onyinye.

I had thought all along that she was the one who needed me most but was currently seeing that I was equally being ingrained into her. Just a mere thought of her ‘permanently’ creaming K!ttyC@t always got all my veins running to my stifled J0yst!ck! She was pure enigma! I just did not know how I would get to accept this invite. It was bitterly sweet! I was having this thoughts when I slept off.

Danny’s phone call was what woke me and when I located the wall clock, it was 6:40 am. The sales boy had not told me to go to my room; I had passed the night on the sofa. Or perhaps he asked me in, but I was too drugged with sleep to make a move.

“Hey DY, got my message at all?”, was Danny’s sonorous voice at the receiver, when I picked.

“Yea, sure. Got it” I tried to talk back even though I could sense the effect of sleep in my throat.

“So….what’s the deal? Accepted?” he followed up instantly. This particularly placed me on the spot!! I just froze of all answers. What was I going to say to him? I could not possibly say no to such a tirelessly free offer. But what about Onyinye? How would she receive the news that I had just got a new place and was about to go? I totally became void of what was appropriate for a current situation for the first time in so many years. But then, I quickly got a speck of an idea.

“Yea. It is very cool man! Thanks a lot man! You are such a good brother. Thanks so much!” I had accepted his offer. But I felt I could delay my moving until myself and Onyinye must have F**ed ourselves senseless countless.

“No P bro. It is all good. I saw how much in need you were so myself and Amara had to assist.” He was utterly exhibiting pure benevolence as he spoke too and I listened calmly. “So should I stop by with my car so that you can throw your things in?” I froze again on hearing him say that.

“You mean today?” was all I could muster out.

“Sure. Today. That was why I called you this early”, Now I was suddenly feeling kind of weird about the whole thing. Why the haste? He only just told me about this yester night, so how would he think I had already spread the news around to every single interested party before now. I was not getting the direction of the conversation anymore.

“But I still have my hommies to tell?” I defended. “They will feel real bad if I just walk out on them without prior information”. He kept saying “Yea. Yea” as I said those last lines.

“So when would you prefer?” he followed instantly. “The truth is, I have this guy who is constantly asking to move in with me. I know I would find it rather difficult to let him, considering he isn’t a very cool lass. But not having any reason to give him for my refusal was just enough to bring you into the picture. I am offering you space now. That is enough reason to give him. And he will be visiting by next week Thursday”. A very quick silence followed. I knew this was just too difficult for me. I was sweating from nowhere. “Will moving in Thursday morning not work out fine?” I heard myself asking. I was sure my mind was trying to buy as much time for Onyinye as possible.

to be continued