Bitter Sweetness Episode 7


What followed was a more usual routine. She went inside, changed from her denim trousers and flowery blouse into a pink gown with a pleated hemline. The hands to the gown were thin and it exposed her entire chests and shoulders. I could also see the outline of her white bra which drew traces on the burst of the light dress. Her bra strap was exposed and so was her thighs too as the gown only travelled mid-thigh only. I could still see why she could have her way with virtually any man. She had the body of a sea princess and she knew it.

I still meant to maintain my new withdrawn disposition towards her and had successfully pulled it off so far. When we were done with our various little things, we returned to the living room. She went for the TV and turned it on. I had stopped sitting directly opposite her as a signal to her that I wasn’t in for her little games anymore. In fact, I had started sitting directly opposite the TV to make sure she had no chance of even relocating with me and she did not either.

However, on this very day, as I went for my new seat (opposite the TV), she chose to lie on hers. Logically, it was just impossible to see the TV in that manner, judging that her head was now placed at the same position as the TV while her legs were at the opposite corner thereby making me appear to be the TV now. As I tried fathoming what was about unfolding, she killed the silence.

“You returned earlier than usual today, Daniel?”.

“Yes ma. We were dismissed earlier than usual”, I replied trying as much as possible to show that I had little interest in her question even though I noticed the formality in the choice of name she used.

“Hope nothing went wrong over there?”, she followed.

“No”, I bluntly replied again.

“It’s okay. At least you can keep us company today”, she was refusing to drop this. I had hardly got finished with thinking up what next to tell her when I saw what her current lying posture was!

“Not again!” I screamed in my head! “This woman must be out of her mind!” Still lying on the couch, with her eyes strained in a bid to see the TV, her left leg was casually hung to the back rest of the couch while the other remained on the couch! Her entire nakedness was exposed to me save for the black cotton p@anties she had on!

I was startled. Not today! Not this time! I had made up my mind never to get carried away again. Never to get carried away by this same woman!! I could not just keep being the toy!! How can she keep doing this with sheer recklessness!! I would not give in this time, I felt.

However, I immediately realized that for the entire time I had all this going through my head, I still had my eyes fixed to her darkened crotch!! Oh that triangle! How I had craved it. It appeared even fresher than it was last time.

Her cotton p@anties delicately lay on it, keeping my eyes from seeing her puffy lips. Her legs magnificently rode endlessly into those regions, meeting in a junction of several folds and curves before being capped at the unmistaken m—d right at the middle!

I could feel my J0yst!ck stir violently as it pushed to break free from the crushing manner of my sitting. I obliged and quietly adjusted, letting it pop out from the underside of my thigh unto the front regions of my shorts!!

She had been saying things of which I had since stopped following but soon realized she had been saying them to me. I was forced to ask what she was saying.

“D. He said he might have to travel” was her reply.

“Really?” fell off my mouth as I watched her readjust thereby pushing her hips further up letting me see the underneath of her butt0ckz globes. My world!! What a view!! Wished then that I had cameras in my eyes.

“Yes” she continued “I just sent that guy you met to the bank. He will be withdrawing money on his behalf” Who cares?!! I was Bleeping enjoying the best views of my life and who said I did meet the guy? She was not cheating D after all. Or was she? with me? Whatever!

I was a bit resting on the couch to get the best view possible but just then I had the usual skepticism return.

“What will then be my reward? Unfulfilled S#xual desires?” it dawned on me once more. She was taking her usual path again. I will get so h—y only to be rewarded by utter rejection.

I recomposed myself and pulled my eyes away. I was determined once more not to mark an end to something I had worked so hard to stand by lately. I would not.

To be continued