Bitter Sweetness Episode 6


This was unfair, wicked, disrespectful and totally selfish!! I knew I had no direct pass to seek equal treatment from Onyinye. Her best argument would keep being that she had never ever asked for sx from me, so why would I think she should let me F** K her? But how more s£nsu@l must our activities together be before we get to that point?

For treasure’s sake, I had felt her butt0ckz, seen her K!ttyC@t, touched it, , inserted several fingers and even came close to eating her out but she was making it look like those were the most normal things to be witnessed between strangers. F **K her! F*** K her game! F**K her tricks!! F**K everything!!

I was determined not to be moved by any of those again. I came to Enugu for a place with an ICT firm and that is exactly what I will concentrate on henceforth. I was really pissed at the moment.

In four days I started work. The new office was a brilliant place to pass time and I quickly made a lot of new friends. There was this guy called Daniel too who later became a very helpful friend. I did not find it hard to let him share my pet name; Danny.

Things were appearing normal to me again. Onyinye had as usual shown no traces of worry. In fact, she appeared more formal to me day by day. Even when I tried to display my new found dislike towards her, she paid little or no attention to it, rather played her usual role of wife and mother ordering me round on errands in the course.

I felt bitter and largely uncomfortable! It was on a Wednesday this time; after what had seemed like a decade. She had gone shopping that very day and had just returned with the groceries she had bought. I had made it home earlier than usual from work after my boss was forced to make a sudden trip to Lagos that morning. My immediate supervisor must have had personal businesses to do because he quickly told us we could return home if we wanted. I knew what that spelled for me, but when others happily jumped to go, I had no choice.

As Onyinye stepped in, I noticed there was a guy standing at the door. He was still in the stairwell so I could not tell who he was but as he spoke with Onyinye in hushed tones, I quickly told it was a guy. My mind raced!! Had he been cheating on Uncle D? That can be. But just then, another inner voice asked me

“if she could do all those to you, why wouldn’t she?”. Game!! It was now rather clear. I pretended not have noticed the guy and only welcomed her as though she was alone. She answered and gestured the bags of groceries she had on her towards me; of which I quickly went for.

As I got closer to her, she appeared rather preoccupied and kept making attempts to close the door a bit more in what seemed to be a bid to stop me from seeing who it was she was speaking with. I knew I was the problem. She did not expect me home so could not continue with her plans now she saw me.

I eventually did not see the guy despite my best efforts and between the time I dropped the bags at the kitchen and returned, he was gone.

To be continued