I smiled immediately ken phone rang about 5hours after I returned home,like a prophetess of doom I knew what the news was going to be?I watch ken as he answers the call,WHAT my brother commit suicide,noo this can’t be,dad who broke that news to you?I drew closer to ken as I pretended consoling him.
Honey what is wrong?,what happened to your brother?I asked with a sad face. I needed to act very well so I wouldn’t be suspected.I had never in my life seen ken soo sad like this,he had all the reason to be cos not long he had lost his sister and now his brother.I guess he was scared he will be next.I drove ken to their family house since he wasn’t in his right state to drive.
The scene at their family house was inconsolable. There were different kind of mourning tunes .We went to the hall where his mom and dad were sitting.From the look on his mother face I was certain not long, she will join his children soon cos she was soo pale and sick from sadness.
I had no plans for his mom ,she will die eventually out of sorrow and pains.His father was my next victim,if only he knew what is instore for him ,he would have start preparing his will.We stayed with the family till evening when ken and I returned home.I was doing all I could to cheer him up but was to no avail. Days went by after Godwin was finally put to rest.
Not to cause any suspicion I decided to wait till the news about Godwin suicide fades out then the plans I have for his father will start.I was like a parasite in their midst.As I sat watching my favourite series ,ken entered with a ready to kill face,ken wat is wrong?why dat face?I asked .
He gave out a hate red filled stare there I realized something had gone wrong.I drew closer to touch him when he pushed me to the floor.You witch ,murderer, how could u do such absurd thing?,, tell me was I going to be the next victim?how on earth can u murder the siblings of the man u claim you love cos of a past crime.I don’t even know how to describe you,u are soo evil.I cursed the day I said I love u.he roared.
Ken what are you talking about?and who told u such a lie?I pretended.You have no shame ,even till now you are still lying?if u care to know Leticia told me everything and even how u involved her,I started biting my lips as I realise how Leticia had betrayed me.
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