Please you can kill me but leave my father out of this,he wasn’t there when my friends and I bounced on u.He said pleading.Young man that is where u are wrong,your dad is very much involve.Do u want to know why?I asked pulling the secret camera footage out.Well my dear,sit back and watch your daddy display as murderer.I placed the footage inside the DVD port.His eyes rolled in amazement as he watches his father trigger a gun on my family,u see who your father is,? ,he murdered my family so will I .it soo unfortunate u have to help him pay his price.
OK kendra I will pay for all my dad crime just leave him unhurt,he pleaded.Well I will accept that on one condition,write a suicide note and sign.After that the deal is done,I will not hurt any of your family anymore.Like a robot he hurriedly did just I have ,he wrote a later signifying that he took his own life.I took the letter from him ,added the one I had wrote to him at the hospital and after sprayed the room with toxic inhaler which will leave him dead with no trace of anyone being around at the time of his death.I rushed home to ken and continued my sleeping.
My plan too was almost through ,all what is left is when the announcement will finally start.
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