Beyond My Heart EPISODE 24


With My plan for Godwin,I will employ Leticia who will lure him for me cos I cnt remove my mask by luring him myself. I called Leticia and proposed the deal to her and her being my friend didn’t reject it. She is to get closer to Godwin using his beauty and charms so she can drug him then I take it from there,I paid someone to monitor all the activities of Godwin and report it to me.
With what his family are facing after the lost of their only sister cos of him ,I was sure he will always drink in bars and flit with ladies.After 4 days of monitoring ,I got a hint from the guy I had paid to monitor him that he (Godwin) will be at a bar near kissland hotel.I called Leticia and told her all she had to do.Her work was simple. She is to get closer to Godwin,go with him to a hotel ,drug him and after hand the keys to me.I will take over from there.
At around 1 am Leticia messaged me to come over for the keys.Kendra where are u going to?ken asked pulling the blanket over him.Ken I m sorry but I need to meet Leticia at the hospital,she tried   commiting abortion.I lied.He had no idea it was his brother on the line.I went to the hotel,took the keys and asked Leticia to go.I couldn’t stop laughing as I saw him lying down like wood.
I quickly took the robe from my bag and tired him soo hard that it made him start to kick.I needed him awake before killing him so he feels how painfully death is.I patiently waited for him to wake up after an hour he opened his eyes.The shock on his face was unimaginable.
Kendra wat are u doing here and why have u tired me. I gave out a long provoking laugh.Well Godwin I m sorry but your time is up,I wouldn’t waste time in killing u. Should I remind u of someone?a girl you   and your friends had raped but unfortunately your sister had to pay for that ,you will also pay for some of your dad crimes ,So he pays for the rest.His voice wasn’t clear cos of the band tiring his mouth. And what does my father got to do with this?he asked in puzzle.
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