Trust me I started sweating from the heat ken was pouncing on me.I guess you are wondering why Leticia told me all that.You know something,aside your smartness u are very dumb cos u didn’t realize the lady  u were using as your accomplice had been in love with me for a very long time although  I wasn’t interested in her.To her if u love someone you don’t have to keep secret from him or her and also don’t have to hurt the people he or she loves  not for any and so she arranged for us to meet when she told me every crime u have commited.U are as evil as the word evil,I wouldn’t doubt if u are Lucifer himself.
Tell me who is next on your plan Lucifer?ken words was soo hurting but I don’t blame him is the fault of that trail or,I should have known she loves ken sake of all the things she tells me.I mustered courage and spoke.Well if u want to know who is next on my list is your dad.You are saying all that cos you don’t know what your father and brother had made me gone through.
Your dad murdered my family and your brothers with his friends raped and stole all my money which lead me stranded on the streets.To hell with that excuse,even that u didn’t have to murder, don’t u know how to forgive?he retaliated.Forgive you say ?well I don’t care if u now know what I m up to ,I will still execute my plans on your father unless he do me the favour of reporting himself to the police cos I have evidence that shows him shooting my family.So if u want your dad alive ask him to do just wat I have said.I ended.
Kendra u know what I fink ?u never loved me,u just used me so u can accomplish your revenge.My parents were right about u,i should have listened to them,Leave my house and I don’t want to ever see u again.Ken you don’t have to tell me,cos I m leaving  already but before that I want to tell u two things,When is comes to avenging my parents death,ur love isn’t enough to stop me,and also tell your father to kindly own himself up to the police before I create a nice and flowered building under the earth for him.I went in took my belongings and left his house.Not that I don’t love ken but I can’t fail my late family.
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