I never regret what I have done and what i m about to do,although I was a little  hurt with ken harshly words.I hope he go tell his father to report himself before I strike on him.I arrived at my apartment after abandoning it for months.For now I m suspending my plans for sometime so he can convience his father to own himself up,and for that Leticia girl I will leave her to her conscience and to the shame of her stupidity. I knew from then that ken and I our chapter of love has ended but I care less after all I care now is the downfall of that man.
Days went by and not even a hey from ken ,well this is normal. Not long News about ken father spread all the media’s, he had confess to the crime of murdering my family .well I have to congratulate ken for a good work done,he has succeeded in convincing his father and was sentenced into a life imprisonment, although he was jailed I wasn’t happy about his punishment. I wish I had murmured him myself and make him see how it feels to see death coming but u can’t escape it.
I  planned to go back into my prostitution cos life got nothing in store for me,after soiling my hands with blood and my heart filled with hatered and bitterness. I went to the ruling on the day ken father was suppose to be finally jailed.I wanted to see his reaction when he sees me ,I sat as the court proceed and his wife and ken with Leticia walks in.Ken wrapped his arms around Leticia in a provoking way that made me cough.In spite of all the harm ken family had made me go through I was still in love with him and I think now that I m done with my revenge there, I realise I did love ken cos him with Leticia was punching my heart.As if it was planned ,ken mum gave me an up to down look which made me uncomfortable. I guess I have to leave but no I want to see how ken father is carried to prison ,who knows I might visit him one day with a cup of porridge mixed with Acid.
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