I went home happy at the same time sad,happy in the sense that my revenge has sucessfully been executed although not the way I wanted it,and at the same time sad in a way that I had completely lost ken to that ungrateful traitor. There is nothing I can do to win ken back even if I go and apologize  for his forgiveness, I always see them together whenever I go for shopping,it was as if it was planned for me to bump into them whenever I go out which made me agitated to forget him and build my new life after all he isn’t the only man on earth.
I was given a huge amount of money by the court from ken father’s account to start a new life and so planned to leave for UK to continue my life there after all that is where I started my life till all this came in.I started packing my things one morning when I hears a knock on my door,I opened it and it was ken mother inviting me to come over to her house cos she got something important to tell before I leave for UK.
It very strange ,wat is this woman going to tell me,well since she came herself to invite me ,I have to respect her by meeting her.I went to her  house where she offered me a seat,madam pls I hope there isn’t any problem?I asked with suprise.
Well dear there is not,I will start on why I called u here just wait for someone to come,he replied. Wait for Someone to come? I asked myself,just then ken arrived .Come see his mood when he saw me there. He was Soo pissed off.Mummy why did call me here?,and why is this witch here?I ignored his statement as his mum calm him down.
Ken sit down I have something to tell u both before I die cos I don’t think I deserve to live.Now both of you listen to me very  carefully, before your dad and I married ,he had impregnated a maid who was working for him and the maid born him a son,when he got to know of his son to the maid ,he took the baby and sent the maid away becos that would spoil his political reputation.To find a new mother for his son he had to marry me.The maid after some months came to claim his son when your  father ordered  some men to go kill her,luckily for a man rescued her ,took her to his house where she became a nanny to the man and wife’s children.
Knowing how the nanny life was in danger the man and his wife sent their daughter and the nanny to Aboard where they lived.Ken interrupted his mum.So mum what business do I got to do with this story.Relax ken and just listen. Now the maid is ken mum and the baby boy she born is u.meaning I m not your biological mother.Ken stood up in shock while I opened my mouth.Ken just sit so I can continue.
Coincidently the man who had save your mum was the same man who was took his position as the Managing executive office of the Attorney general which turned to be kendra father.This literally means your dad had two reasons to hate kendra father ,one being becos he saved your mother and two becos he took away his position. So immediately he heard kendra had come with your mother to Accra he seized that opportunity to kill them all.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,so it simply means my nanny is ken real mother.Wonders shall never end,ken on the other hand couldn’t hold his tears.So my dad murdered my mum?ken asked with shock.Well madam thank you for all the explanation ,I got to go.Ken held my hand from my back as I stood to go.Kendra,thank you for avenging my mum’s death and I am sorry.But honestly in spite of everything u are still the only  woman I have ever love and will forever love.My heart jumped out to my throat upon hearing ken say that ,I drew closer to him and whispered into his ear.I love u too and I m also sorry.
Both love birds went and live in UK where their love and friendship started and where their love continues.