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This is just a summary from episode 1 to 18 to enlighten our readers on the previous episodes after the long break and you can use the link below to continue reading it
A happy family is every child’s dream, i wish for nothing else in life because i had almost everything a child like me could wish for…
i was 4years when my parents sent me abroad to study, on my 13th birthday, Kendrick my best friend and my nanny decided to organized a party for me and invited my friends over, Kendrick tried as much as possible to make me happy but it was obvious that I was missing my family very much so my parents decided to surprise me with a return ticket to Ghana for my kid brother’s birthday party as a gift for my birthday, This news made me very happy but on the another hand i was thinking of how to break the news to Kendrick my childhood best friend who has always been there for me
I broke the news to him and the look on his face shows he wasn’t happy about it, he tried his possible best to stop me from leaving but my mind was made
I was so excited to see my family once again waiting to pick me up at the airport, After dinner I told them about my life and the many friends i made
I woke up than usual because that day was Stelvin (my brother’s) birthday and i had a lot of activities and preparation to do before the party
We went shopping and many others things, Stelvin 9th birthday party was a big one, a party that one cannot forget in a rush cause all the big people in Ghana were all invited to the party…
After the party and all the invited guest were all gone, i and my family continued the party in our hall by popping champagnes and making merry, I had to rush to the bathroom to take a shower after someone poured a drink on me, as i was in the bathroom i heard an usual voices in the hall, with curiosity I peeped through the door, armed robbers! i said with fear, i stayed quietly in the bathroom as I listen to the conversation
Where is your daughter? The man without a mask asked, my daughter has traveled back to UK cos she has exams to write, my dad had to lie to safe my life, the man told him he wasn’t here for me but rather for him cos he has warned him several times to stop competing with him over the executive manager position which has fallen on death ears. so he came to punish him, he then placed a gun on my dad and pulled the trigger, I nearly screamed but feared to be caught, I watched and pictured the man face as he trigger the gun on my family, the man left them in a pool of blood. I came down after the man and his men had left, before my dad last breath, he managed to tell me the name of the shooter
i had courage and packed few of my things, before leaving i remembered the secret camera that was hidden in the hall, and with the help of a ladder i took the footage and left with tears, I didn’t know were I was going since it was my first time coming to Ghana
After walking for some hours and at the same time sleepy, i laid my bag down and slept on the front garden of a huge house
As I was sleeping, i felt a tap on my shoulders that woke me up only to see three drunk guys, they asked me into the house telling me they would help me only for them to drug and rape me
A lady saw me by the roadside and drove closer, i was bleeding very badly that i passed out.. The lady managed to take me to the hospital, i was so sad that i told the lady my story and she decided to help me
The lady took me to her house, i saw so many young girls in the house and kept wondering what all these girls were doing here. Mama Gee welcome, one of the girls.said, i kept wondering if this lady runs an orphanage for girls..
i was shown to my room and was introduced to the other girls. i was made to rest for 3 day so i can fully recover.. On the third day Mama Gee called me and introduce a man old enough to be my dad, i needs to go with him and spend the night with him
I was shocked and speechless at Mama Gee’s words.. The man took me to his house, he got closer to me, i shifted and he fell on the bed and I ran out of the house, I reached a place like an estate and on one of the walls had a notice of someone in need of a house help. i impatiently knocked on the gate, the madam ask of my name and if i can do the job, i was shown to my room and what i would be doing
My madam Maa Abena husband and daughter came back from their journey and she introduced me as their new maid.. Days went by in the house as things went smoothly, i was living comfortable in the house except for their mean daughter who gave me tough time..
i was left in the house alone with Maa Abena’s husband one of the days, and as i wasn’t doing anything i went to my room to rest.. Maa Abena husband came to call me to do some cleaning in their room. As i was cleaning he held my waist and said he liked me and want to sleep with me, i refused but he forced himself and raped me, i was dressing up when Maa Abena entered and her husband told her i seduced him. Maa Abena didn’t waste much time in throwing me back to the street..
I went and sat near a gutter pondering on all the things that had happen to me and came to conclude that life had nothing to offer me and I was born to be a sex tool.I decided to go back to Mama Gee’s house to join the prostitution cos with that I can get food and live comfortable. My prayer now was not for her to sack me cos that will be my only hope to survive.
I’m now a supersex addict after 7 years of experience in the prostitution business,due to my seriousness and commitment to the business for the pass years Mama Gee made me her assistance,
Kendra! One of the guys called. I looked up to him trying to recollect where I know him from, his face looked familiar but couldn’t remember. kendra is me Kendrick. You forgotten me soo soon and what the hell are you doing here.
He held my soft cheeks and place a gentle moist kiss on my lips. Ken made me realised nothing good comes out of prostitution and I knew from his love I could find the comfort and courage to change. Early that morning Kendrick and I went to Mama Gee to thank her for all her support and broke the news of my exit from the business to her. She felt soo disappointed and worried.
As weeks passed by he pressured me to go meet his family. From our previous conversations he told me he had a brother and a sister with his parents. I went with him to his family house where we met his mum and little sister,. Mummy where is dad and Godwin? ken asked as he placed his arms around me.
Jesus this can’t be. This is the exact guy who offered me the drink and rapped me with his friends and he was the same guy who I slept with after one Friday night clubbing. After that night i waited for him but never saw him again till now. I had wish to cross path with him again but obviously not like this, I said to myself.
One saturday morning i was home alone and suddenly a knock was heard which made me assume it was my ken,.I went open the door and to my surprise it wasn’t him.
It was a man in his late 50s. Sir how may I help you? I asked politely.This face looks familiar,where did I meet him.Young girl ,I hope u are kendra,the whore flirting with my son,.I guess you are wondering who I m ? I m Kendrick father
Honestly I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying rather I was trying to recall the face. He resemble the man who shoot my family but I doubted it, of all the men how could it be my ken father.I watch him as he leave.
I went straight on where I hid the secret camera footage, plug it into my desktop and started watching,.I opened my mouth wide as I watch the man who murdered my family,he had a complete resemblance with ken father. No this can’t be,no,no,no,no I shook my head in disapproval. Ken father can’t be the man I’m fiercely looking for.I needed another prove, and that was to ask ken his father’s full name cos my dad before his last breath had told me the name of the man who came to murder them
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