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We are continuing with La Gata (The Stray Cat) and in today’s episode
Esmeralda’s children grow up very strong and awesome and they celebrate their birthday with all of their cousins and nieces. Carlos’ child Virginia though blind detects that Lorenza hates her so much as well as Esmeralda’s daughter Leticia but Pablito thinks that Lorenza loves him so much because Lorenza always wants him closer whiles she pushes the others away from her. Though it is a fact as the children declares but their parents try their best to convince them that Lorenza loves them very much but she is only a bit difficult.
Garabato names his child after Carlos because he believed that his friend Carlos has always being his rock and encourager who always never discouraged him but told him that he can indeed make it by schooling. Garabato sets on the way to take his son Carlos to school but unfortunately for him, Carlos strikes him with the question about why he doesn’t have a mother as his school mates talk about and it comes as a blow to Garabato.
Esmeralda together with the help of Pablo and her father Silencioso, a nice uncountable Storey apartment structure has been raised at the garbage dump with the place looking very elegant to the extent that one cannot recognize that was the shanty town. Esmeralda and Pablo take a stroll to the place and Ines bumps into them asking for money unknowingly to her that was Esmeralda. Esmeralda looking at how wretched she looks (since she refuses to stay in any of the apartment as she thinks was the mounted it up but prefers sleep outside the apartment and beg for alms) tries to plead with her to allow her to give her a helping hand to change her life for good but Ines refuses and starts to insult her and go as far as to say that though Esmeralda has washed down and dressed very elegantly but she will still see her as the La Gata she used to know and therefore will never take any favors from her one bit.
Carlos is now taking the position of his late wife to handle her class as a teacher to help the children with skills acquired through Virginia to teach in the school of disability specifically blind students and according to the caretaker Emmanuel, he has really put in great effort within his four years of being with the institute.
Garabato and his gang team have really come out successfully out of school and now they have all make life meaningful by being the best architectures of their time and they look so happy but all the look so worried for their friend Ray who has being in prison for so many years since he still chose to continue to go the wrong way.
Thanks to Silencioso and Damien they helped him to come out of prison but he still prefers to go in his own way forgoing any advice Damien gave him to choose the wrong part since he’s been given a second chance to amend his life. He meets with Ines and she takes him to her summer hat/shelter since she never allowed the contractors to destroy hers as she doesn’t want accept anything coming from Esmeralda.
Lorenza continues to pollute Pablito’s mind against her own mother Esmeralda by trying to compete with her about anything she (Esmeralda) buys for him (Pablito) and Esmeralda becomes so worried about the situation because there is nothing she says that is able to change Pablito’s mentality against her.
Monica asks Esmeralda to forgive her off all the wrongs and let them move on as best of friends though it sounded so strange to Esmeralda but she forgave her and Monica pleaded with her so they go out to spend time and she accepts.
Hedger (Vicky’s brother) brother has helped to heal Gisela and falling in love with her but Gisela refuses to return his love but hedger still insists on winning her love gradually and if ever he couldn’t he is going to avenge Gisela’s name and make Pablo and La Gata pay for all the harm they did to such a beautiful lady like her to make her go mad. Gisela then asks him how he is going to make the revenge work and he disclosed that Lorenza is going to help them do that since she is also desperate to take revenge on La Gata.
Garabato takes a stroll with his son Carlos and they decide to go pay a visit to Carlos his friend and he demanded for a coin from his father and as the saying goes blood is thicker than water, and he runs quickly to give it to Ines who was begging for alms and upon Ines seeing Garabato looking so handsome, she bows her head in shame and begins to shed tears and Carlos begins to wipe her tears and Garabato in great sadness and full of memories suddenly left with her son.
Garabato arrives home with his son and he goes inside to shed tears considering how he even got hold of his son from Ines through the help of Silencioso and detective Pedro by asking some couples to give millions to her to adopt that child who has now grown up to be Carlos.
Lorenza continues to cause problems but Pablo refuses to realize that his mum is causing and will continue to cause more problems since he refers to stay with his mum though married.
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