Betrayed By My Body Episode 7


He pulled out of me and I got up, still backing him I spoke,
“I had to go to the hospital for a checkup and tests since no protection was used….I think you should know…. thats the reason I also held off from sex with you all this while, to be sure I contacted nothing.” I couldn’t face him, he must feel I had been tainted by some other person, he probably didn’t want to think about it and that was why he was avoiding talking about it.
“Its alright Noms…” he said and I turned. “I guess the tests came back okay?”
“Yeah…but…” I frowned searching his face which he kept averted at me.
“You are taking this too well…aren’t you supposed to ask more questions? Threaten to go to the police….?”
“Noms,” he finally snapped turning to look at me
“Did he hurt you that night?”
“No…but it was a rape all the same,” I said with a shrug.
“Which you enjoyed, right?” He sneered.
“Kevwe!” I gasped “What’s that supposed to mean?” He sighed coming closer to me, then he took my hand in his and said, “I am sincerely sorry about that but can we let this drop? I really don’t care about it, if you can move on from it, so can I.
” Wait, something wasn’t right with this scenario, what man whose wife was fucked by another man would take things this well….and then it hit me. I narrowed my eyes, it couldn’t be.
“fuck, it was you wasn’t it?” I accused taking my hand from his. He didn’t say anything, he just stared at me and I had my answer.
“Kevwe, what sick joke were you playing with me? Was it a fetish of some kind or what?” I flipped, suddenly angry at him and very confused.
“Threatening me in our home? With a weapon?” He shook his head then
“No baby I can explain…please reduce your voice….we don’t want the neighbors listening, do we?”
“I don’t care about the freaking neighbors!” I spat with such venom that my boobs jiggled “You raped your own wife, me, and you sure as hell better have an awesome explanation or else the neighbors would be the least of your worries.” With a sigh, He reached out to me, grabbed my arm and pulled me to himself, wrapping his hands about me tightly while I buried my face on his smooth chest. I went willingly, I was powerless to stop him even though it all confused me but I trusted him. I knew him, there was an explanation but what made me mad was he hadn’t come clean about it since.
“I love you so much Onome…..I love you so much that I also did something stupid.” Pulling back from him a little, I raised my head to look up at him now needing to see him as he spoke. He couldn’t lie to me while I looked him in the eyes.
“For a while now I have been worried about us…. our sexual relationship has been quite drab and you wouldn’t relax or let me touch you for too long……I swear I hadn’t planned to do it to you but I got back from my trip a day early to surprise you….I turned off the lights and accosted you as you stepped in…it wasn’t a knife but just a plastic spatula from the kitchen but you were so scared that you didn’t even look…. and then the wicked thought came to me….the wicked thought that if I could get you to be still for once, I could possibly fulfill the pent up sexual desires that have been running through my mind since we got married. It was a stupid thing to do, blindfolding and gagging you…. I was grateful that you responded well to my touch but at the end when you began crying and I saw the look on your face, I couldn’t bring myself to tell you it had been me all along. It was a stupid thing to do and I had only kept it up thinking you were urging me on because you probably figured it was me but when I saw the tears…..I realised you thought you had been taken advantage of.”
He sighed again before going on,”I believed you would hate me if you knew it was me who did that to you, so I left for the night and returned early the next day while you were still in bed. I saw how resigned you were and I had wanted to say something but I hadn’t known how to begin.” I suddenly flared up, removing myself from his grip, I yelled.
“How could you even leave me there when you knew how upset I was? You just left and let me put myself through hell ……you let me almost go out of my mind with worry thinking that I had been raped by a stranger..wondering how I would break the news to you…are you crazy?”
“Baby…Noms…I am sorry.”He pleaded. Leaving the kitchen, I walked through the dining room and into the living room, Kevwe following closely behind me. I needed some space from his hot body to think clearly.
“Noms…Noms come back and lets talk please.” Catching up with me he held my arm and pulled me back to him.
“kevwe, please give me some space to think.” I managed to say, my resolve beginning to weaken as I stared at his chest.
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