Betrayed By My Body Episode 6


“Hmm….hmm,” he groaned softly obviously enjoying the taste of me. My other hand found its way to my boobs and I gently kneaded them enjoying the intense sensations my body was going through.
“Oh kevwe, what …are you doing to me?” Something was happening to my body, it felt familiar…it felt good….it felt like pleasure was building upon pleasure as Kevwe kept stroking my c——s with his tongue…as if sensing the growing tension in my body, he became more insistent. He lapped me up even more urgently. Throwing my head back, I moaned kneading my boobs even harder almost roughly
“….I’s coming…” The tension in my body was heightening and I feared I was almost at the top of it all, it was so intense…..
“Give into it,” kevwe instructed gently as he suddenly grabbed my hips tightly in his hands, licking me the last few steps to my c—-x. My body broke and I was taken over by spasmodic contractions, I couldn’t help myself and so I gave into it as Kevwe had suggested, it was a wonderful feeling and all I could do was moan as I felt the involuntary contractions within me letting loose. My boobs jiggled as my body jerked, the pleasure took over me and all I did was let out embarrassing “oohs….” in between jerks. I wasn’t sure how long it took for me to ride the waves of passion but when I opened my eyes, it was to see Kevwe staring at me intently.Thinking it was over, I smiled, running a hand over the side of his face
“That was a… wow, Kevwe….I never knew it could feel so good, it was inexplicable.” He smiled
“That was just the appetizer Noms, now is the time for our main course.” He said pulling me down from the cabinet and turning me over so my back was to him. He wasted no time. Unbuckling his belt, he let his pants and boxer briefs drop and I caught a glimpse of his rigid member, stretched and ready to prod my inner chamber. Just the thought sent sears of pleasure across my belly. Still standing, he spaced out my legs a bit as one of his hands felt for my opening, his fingers found my sensitive nub again and he briefly rubbed against it and I couldn’t help another moan.
“You like that a lot, don’t you?” He asked and I nodded. “Then this will be a lot better.” I felt his hard member nestled at my moist opening before he took me suddenly, shoving his thick member deep into me in one straight push. Aided by my gushing wetness, he rammed straight into my core releasing a groaning gasp from the both of us.
“Ahh…Kevwe…” I cried at the sudden pleasure but he didn’t pause or wait for me to catch my breath. I leaned forward slightly holding on to the edge of the cabinet for support, both of his hands on my hips as he led them in a simultaneous rhythm with his, every t—-t meeting my core and sending spurts of bursting pleasure through me. With every t—-t he made, in and out, new bursts sputtered within me. My boobs graced the top of the cabinet, his movements sped up as his need was driving him to fuck me harder and deeper but I wanted more.
“Oh do me harder, baby…” He chuckled light before asking, huskily,
“can you take it babe? Can you?”
“Yeah…yeah.” Holding my hips even more tighter and leaning me forward some more, he rammed into me so hard, I screamed from the pain or pleasure….it was unsure which but the sensual ripples that tore through me were simply exquisite.
“You are so deep babe… so deep you take all of me…. so deep and so sweet….” He groaned roughly as his thrusts came faster and even more insistent.
“Ohh, yes!” I exclaimed loving it and pushing my ass back into him, urging him to go even deeper.
” Yes babe! ….Ahh Yes!”
“You are so fucking sweet Noms, I swear it but …dont you ever think I would ever …need… any pill to fuck you senseless!”
“I won’t….” I whispered the promise as my core was knotted in so much sensation that I didn’t trust myself to speak…anytime from now, Kevwe’s assault on me was going to tip me over the edge. As if he felt it too, he said quickly as he thrusted deeply into me.
“No! don’t give in yet…. hold it back Noms, I’m not……” He didn’t get to finish his sentence as my body suddenly reached its limit and came crashing instantly setting off his own release. My insides began contracting of their own volition against his member giving him no other choice but to lose whatever control he’d held on to. He jerked to the tune of his release holding tightly on to my hips while I held on to the edge of the cabinet as if for dear life. We clung to the precipice of our desires as it raked through our bodies in a tumultuous wave of insurmountable sensations.
“Oh darling….” Kewe managed gruffly while kissing my sweaty back lightly as he jerked against my ass
“you’re …just awesome.” I smiled, floating on a very pleasant post orgasm haze. I had never orgasm once, not to talk of twice in a row.
“If you asked me, I would say you were the awesome one.” While I had been the quite foolish one. If I’d known I could have just told him everything, told him I was looking to get fucked stupid and also known that he would have granted my wish without complaints, I would have done it long ago. But then it was quite odd, he hadn’t even bothered about the rape and violation I had gone through in a stranger’s hands. He hadn’t said a thing about it.
“I’m quite surprised you’re not freaking out about the rape though, you didn’t care to know if he wore protection or not….. you didn’t care to know what I did after it.
” Even if he didn’t want to talk about it, I had to.
to be continue


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