Betrayed By My Body Episode 8 Fina


“Baby please talk to me, don’t walk.”
“So now you want to talk?” He sighed,
“Do you trust me babe?”
“I don’t know, should I?” I asked him back with a shrug.
“Onome, you know I would never do you harm intentionally…I can’t say the same for you though, you did try to drug me into sleeping with you.
” I closed my eyes, remembering my own foolishness… I shook my head, who was I to judge him when I wasn’t much better myself?
“We have serious issues, you and I, Kevwe.” I told him. He nodded in agreement.
“We need to communicate our issues better….no more secrets.”
“No more secrets.” I agreed. Rape was never a good thing but this had pointed out some issues in our year old marriage. Our gazes held and I vividly recalled the pleasure he had awakened my body. Staring at his broad chest and perfect body only got me aroused and made me want to drag him to do more pleasurable things to me once more. He was staring back at me and I could see the hungry desire in his eyes, but he wouldn’t touch me unless I gave him the green light.
“I love you Rukevwe and I do trust you.” I told him meaning every word of it. He was Rukevwe Agha, the man who had swept me off my feet, I knew him and he was no rapist.
“Does this mean you forgive me, my love?” He asked taking my hand and I let him.
“Only if you promise me one thing.” I told him keeping a straight face.
“Anything.” He breathed raising my hand to his lips.
“Promise me an abundance of wanton and sultry pleasure for the rest of our lives.” I told him, my straight face breaking into a smile. He threw back his head with laughter feeling relieved, he had probably thought I was going to demand for his head.
“You can count on it.” He said, pulling me close to him, planting another of his core melting kisses on my lips before swooping me off my feet and into his arms.
“Let’s adjourn to the bedroom where we may proceed on to more wonderful pleasures, shall we?”
The end……
Story By Peju Amadi


  1. Am so happy it ended well. True love always forgives. And am glad my guess was right. @Prince I deserve an Xmas gift

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