Befriending A Ghost – Episode 7


On getting home , I pushed the door opened and headed straight to my room….

Sasha! Sasha! Sasha! I heard my mom called but I ignored her, I was worried about ghostie , no Daphne , I just wanted her to be fine. she left in tears  after hearing what the chubby girl said about her ……..but I was confused as well ………I mean how can an innocent girl like daphne ruin her own family!

Entering my room , I looked around for Daphne but she wasn’t there

Daphne! I called but there was no response, I rushed into the bathroom to look for her but she wasn’t there either…..Where could she be!

Returning to the room , I toss my back pack on the bed and sat on the floor in frustration…Daphne was hurting and I knew it ……Oh Daphne! Please show yourself, please just show yourself. I pleaded as tears rolled down my eyes …..I couldn’t bear to see her hurt , she  was already a part of me ……..I felt a presence beside me and I looked up to see Daphne…..

Daphne! I called and stood up in a huff……Where have you been? Where did you go? I asked in a rush and she broke down in tears

I was just roaming around the neighbourhood. She answered as more tears rolled down her eyes

but why! Why didn’t you come home? I continued.

I don’t want to hurt you and your family Sasha ….you heard what the girl said right , she said I am a curse . She half yelled

And  you believe that? I retorted but she just stared blankly at me…….I sighed

You are not a curse Daphne , you are the sweetest girl I have ever known. I assured her.

Are you for real? She asked to be sure and I nodded, And not only that , you are also my confidant , my adviser and my best friend. I added and she smiled widely….

You are my best friend too . She said and I nodded slowly

I know! So please Just believe in me , I will make sure I get to the bottom of this .I assured her again  and she gave me a curious look …….

how will you do that? She asked and I smiled lightly

Simple! I will get close to Declan and use …. I tried to say but she cut me off ……:

I don’t want you to use Declan , I want you to love him . She said with a frown and I chuckled softly.

Love! Do you want Racheal to kill me ! I asked teasingly ……..and  moreover Declan is f****ng cute , do you think he will like me ? I asked as I sat on the bed

Of course he would …. I mean you are pretty and you also got big ass so what guy wouldn’t like you ? She asked sizing me up ….Just go away! I gave her a playful glare and she smirked….

I bet he has already fallen for you , did you see the way he held your arms, it was so romantic. She said with a dreamy eyes

Crazy! I muttered ……I stood up from the bed and was about pulling off my clothes when my mum called .

Yes mum . I answered with a raised voice …..Just a minute. I said to daphne before heading down stairs…….

Daphne ( ghostie)
I watched Sasha leave the room and smiled….She has been a good friend to me and I have come to love her as a sister ………If only I was not dead , we would have been able  to share out feelings  better …..But what exactly did that girl mean about me ruining my family! Is this the reason I was told my family wasn’t at peace with me !
I sighed.

I really want to know what happened to me , I really want to see my family even if it only for a seconds. But would that be possible! Will Sasha get to find out what happened to me before my time here on earth runs out , yes my time ……

The door to the room suddenly creaked opened and Sasha walked in holding a tray ……She sat down on the bed and placed the tray gently in front of her ……..Picking up the spoon , she took a spoonful of the food in her mouth…..I stared at the mouthwatering food and swallowed hard……
how I wish I could eat! I would have devoured all of it at a go but ghosts don’t eat ……I sighed sadly

Are you alright? Sasha asked looking up at me and I nodded……Then what is with that look? She continued.

I just miss being alive . I answered sadly ..she looked back at the food without saying anything. I could tell she was worried about me…I smiled lightly. She stood by me despite all the insults ……..

Sasha! I called and when she looked up at me , I noticed the tears forming in her eyes……. What is with the tears? I asked in surprise and she shook her head…

Nothing, I am just worried about you . She answered and I smiled lightly…..

You don’t need to , I will be fine as far as you are with me. I assured and she nodded slowly….

So let us talk about Declan. I said trying to change the mood and she frowned…..

What about him? I smirked ,

let us talk on how to make him yours. I repeated

You are crazy Daphne! She muttered and I grinned……

Or don’t you like him? I asked but She ignored me…….What if you are fated to be lovers! I continued and She laughed loudly.

Fated! Don’t tell me you believe in that kind of sh*t . She retorted

Of course I do and that ….. I tried to say but she cut me off ….

Fine! If Declan makes a move on me first , then I will be forced to believe in your so called fate. She agreed and I smiled…..But if he doesn’t , I will kick you in your invisible ass . she threatened and I frowned

And why will you do that?

For making me believe he likes me . She answered trying not to meet my gaze……I gave her a confused look and she sighed softly

have you forgotten! You said he held my hands in a romantic way. She reminded

Oh! I exclaimed softly and then smiled mischievously……Do you like him? I asked but as expected, she avoided the question………

Declan Davies

Laying on my bed , i was playing a game on my phone when a WhatsApp notification popped up…I clicked on it , it was from my “class group chat”…….I scrolled down and read through it……

“Did you notice the physics teacher was wearing a transparent skirt? a boy asked”

Of course I did , her slacked pants was all out . another answered…I smiled lightly, my class mates were damn crazy !

Speaking of class mates , my mind drifted off to the newbie ……I smiled……The look on her face when I told her D2 name was so priceless……But why is she so concerned about Daphne! Did she know her! Were they friends! …… I doubt that because I knew all of Daphne friends…….

Clicking on the participants list , I scrolled down and smiled when I saw who I was looking for …..I clicked on her profile and I must admit she really looked hot …..I zoomed into it to get a better view of her big ass….Jeez! She is so endowed…….And without even knowing why , I dialled her number and she picked it on the second ring……

hello! Who is this? She asked from the other end

It is Declan. I answered and the line went quiet…….Are you there? I asked to be sure but all I heard were whisperings…….Is she there with someone? I wondered

how did you get my number? She asked when she was done whispering

From the group chat. I answered

Oh! She exclaimed softly

I just called to say hi …. and don’t forget to save my number. I said and ended the call……..

Saving her number , I stared at her picture once again, I smiled softly…..

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Tossing my phone on the bed , i dragged myself up and headed downstairs to the sitting room….
I got to the sitting room just in time to see my mum holding a knife to her lower stomach …….

Mum! I called softly and she turned sideways to look at me…What are you trying to do? I asked while moving closer to her but she just stared blankly at me….. Are you trying to kill yourself? I asked as tears rolled down my eyes……

I just want to end it all so please don’t try to stop me . She yelled

Then what will happen to me? Do you want to leave me alone? I yelled back at her and a flicker of fear crossed her face …….Mum! I called again and she broke down in tears

I just want to go to my husband , I just want to go to my Daphne! She said as she kept on crying
I bit my lips in anger.

Do you have the slightest idea of what will happen if you kill yourself , do you? I yelled and she dropped the knife on the floor ……The whole town will see us as bad luck and you will end up killing me just like the way daphne killed father . I retorted angrily…..

Declan! She called softly

No mom! do it , pick up the damn knife and kill yourself . I barked at her but she shook her head……….For the past three months I have been yearning for a mother love but what did I get? nothing .i did every single thing to make you happy but instead you pushed me away … what else do you want me to do? I asked in frustration

Baby! She called trying to hold me but I pushed her away.

Baby! I repeated mockingly and she forcefully held my hands…..

I am sorry baby, I never knew you were hurting. She apologised as tears rolled down her eyes….
I stared at her not knowing what to say or do…….Declan ! I am really sorry , I am really deeply sorry . She kept on apologising and I sighed  deeply….Seeing her tears  calmed me down …

I am also sorry for yelling at you . I apologised

No! I really deserve it, I know I have been a very bad mother and I am truly sorry …..

It is Alright mum . I assured and pulled her into a hug….

We can start all over again , Just me and you . She said softly and I smiled….

Sure! we really need to move on. I added and she nodded slowly

I love you baby!

I love you too Mum!…………….

Sasha Alfredo

I felt my cheeks turn red as Daphne kept on teasing me about Declan….

Declan likes you! Declan likes you! Declan likes you! She kept on singing……

Stop it Daphne ! he just called me, he didn’t say he likes  me . I corrected and she smirked

Then why is your cheek all red? She continued teasing

That is because erm that is because. I stuttered not knowing what to say and she chuckled softly….

You see you don’t even know …… arrrrgh! she suddenly stopped and held her heads …….

Are you alright Daphne? I asked in alarm but she kept on groaning in pain ……..I stood up from the bed in a huff

Please talk to me Daphne , what is wrong with you? I pleaded

My head! My head!Chain! Gift! She kept on screaming, What is wrong with her? I wondered

I waited for her patiently till she stopped  and when she did, she just stood there staring into space ……

Daphne! Are you alright? I asked to be sure, She looked at me and then sighed

A memory of me in the midst of some people flashed on . She said and I widened my eyes in surprise

Does that mean your memory is back? I asked to be sure but she Shook her head negatively……

It is just a flash of it but it is  Just too confusing. She said with a trembling voice……

Please Calm down Daphne! I pleaded and she did

Good! now tell me, what did you see? I asked her calmly

I saw myself in the midst of some people we were all smiling. She started,

how many people? I asked

Four, man , a woman , myself  and  ……Declan . She answered and I gasped in shock

Declan! I repeated and she nodded

We stood together to cut a big cake and we were both wearing a similar gold chain. She added. I swallow hard as I tried to digest what I just heard ….

Sasha!i have a feeling that Declan is my twin brother……….