Befriending A Ghost – Episode 6


Entering the class on a Monday morning, I glanced at Declan’s seat but it was empty. I sighed in frustration, Declan has been absent in school for about a week and I was really worried…. I mean I was the one who made him angry , how I wish I never asked him about D2!

I walked over to my seat and as usual , ghostie was following behind me……

he is not in school again , what could be wrong with him? she asked but I ignored her

I sat down and brought out my physics book before placing my backpack gently on the tiled floor ………..

Opening the book , I went through my assignment to be sure I made no mistake….. I nodded in satisfaction….

Sasha! a voice called and I looked up to meet Cory puppy eyes gaze ……

Can you please lend me your physics note? She pleaded and I grinned

Just simply tell me you want to dub from me and I will give it to you . I said with an eye roll

Fine! You are right . She  agreed and i smirked……picking up my book from the table , i handed it to her …..

Thanks. She muttered and ghostie scoffed, I turned sideways to look at her and met her angry gaze …..

What is wrong with you Sasha? Why did you give her your note? She asked with a frown, I glanced around the class to be sure no one was looking before answering her…..

I am trying to get close  to her. I answered in whispers and she nodded slowly………

But she is … she tried to say but stopped when Declan walked into the class…..

Oh my gawd! Cutie is here. She squealed in delight and I sighed in relief, he finally came to school today! He walked over to his seat and sat down quietly….. What is wrong with him! I wondered,he looked so pale!

I watched Racheal walk up to him , she leaned over to whisper something to him and a faint smile escape his lips despite his dark mood….. Are they dating? I wondered

And as if reading my mind , ghostie asked me the same question…….

Are they dating?

I don’t know . I shrug and she scoffed ….

They better not be! She retorted angrily and I smiled lightly…..Why does she dislike Racheal so much? I wondered……..

The class went quiet as soon as the physics teacher walked into the class……

Cory! are you done with my book? I asked in whispers but she shook her head negatively….Please hurry up with it . I urged her to and she nodded slowly …….

So today , I will be teaching you on Capacitor and Capacitance. the teacher started…

But ma you gave us an assignment. a girl seated in front reminded and the whole class was rippled with angry murmurs…..

I stretched my neck to get a better view of the girl and  saw it was the same chubby girl who confronted me about Seducing Declan….
I smirked

I guess she is the “loosed mouth” of the class and I am going to use it to my advantage……..

Enough of the murmurings! the teacher barked and the class went silent again…….

I will take a look at it in the next class . She informed and began writing on the marker board ……

Leaning over , I was about tapping Cory when she turned back to face me ….

here. She handed me back my book with a smile …

Are you done? I asked to be sure and she nodded

Thanks so much friend. She said in appreciation and I smiled lightly…..

Friend! I doubt that , my only true friend is …..ghostie ….

I stared absentmindedly at the board as the teacher wrote on it , I was lost in thought wondering what could be wrong with Declan….. Everything about him seems so off ……I turned sideways to look at him , he was fiddling with his pen while staring at the board ……..

I sighed

Are you alright? ghostie asked and I shook my head negatively

Are you worried about Declan? She asked again and I nodded slowly

Then try and talk to him . She suggested, I think he is bothered about something. She added and I exhaled deeply …….

I will do just that!…

So we will learn about the formulas in our next lesson. the teacher said and I sighed in relief …
The class was damn boring! Picking up my backpack from the floor, I was about bringing out my English note when ghostie called me…I nodded without looking at her

I think Declan is leaving the class. She informed and I looked up Just In time to see him walk out of the class…….And without thinking, I stood up from my seat and ran after him ………
Declan! I called but he did not answer, instead he increased his walking pace and began to climb the staircase…..What is wrong with him? ghostie asked and I bit my lips ….

We followed quietly behind him as he climbed up the flight of stairs to an empty hall…..

Declan! I called again and this time , he turned back to look at me ……

So it is you , what do you want? he asked coldly

I want to talk to you. I answered while moving closer to him and he smirked

Talk to me! Why? he asked staring intently at me…..

Can we go somewhere quiet? I asked looking around

he stared at me for a while and  then led me to an empty classroom…..

I looked around the classroom, it was dusty and was also littered with cigarettes butts and ashes ……..
Jeez! I never knew there were smokers in this school ……….

So what do you want to talk to me about? he started

erm I just want to apologise to you. I stuttered and he smirked

Apologise! Why! Did you offend me ? he asked in a rush and I gave him a surprised look

I thought you were angry with me  because i asked  about ……

D2! he completed and I nodded……but how the hell did you get to know that name ? he asked and I swallowed hard

Why can’t you just tell him the truth? ghostie who was standing beside me asked but I ignored her….

how did you? he repeated

erm she is eeerm my erm . I  stuttered not knowing what to say  and he smirked…….

You don’t even know her  so why asking about her?he probed but I just stared blankly at him…..

Show him the necklace, it might help convince him. ghostie suggested and I nodded in agreement…Unbuttoning the collar of my shirt , I was about to show him the golden necklace when I heard someone scoffed

I looked in the direction and saw Racheal standing at the entrance of the class…..

Racheal! I called in surprise

She looked at me and then at Declan..

What is going on here? She asked in a huff

Nothing. I answered and turned to go when Declan caught me by my arm……….I turned to look at him in surprise  and he smiled lightly

Aren’t you curious to know more about her? he asked and I arched my eyebrow……

Who are you talking about? I asked and he leaned forward to whisper in my ears ……

D2 is just her initials, her real name is Daphne. he corrected and then let go of me …….

I gave him a small smile before walking out of the class…..

What did he whisper in your ears? ghostie asked and I grinned….

I thought ghosts have super powers. I teased her….

Please Sasha just tell me . She pleaded and I smiled lightly….

Daphne ! Your name is Daphne……….

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Declan Davies

Why was she here with you ? Racheal asked as soon as we were alone

It is none of your business. I retorted and she scoffed…

Are you f****ng her also? she half yelled and I smirked…..

Dipping my hands into my pocket , I pulled out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter…..I lit up the cigarette and inhaled the smoke …..

So what are you waiting for, let us get started …..
I pulled her close to me and puff out the smoke on her……

She retched and coughed out ……:

You are crazy Declan! She cursed and I chuckled

Are you just aware of it now? I asked inhaling more of the smoke……

But who am I to you , am I still your girlfriend?  She suddenly asked and I frowned…….

I have told you times without number not to ask me this question again……..

But why or don’t you love me again? She asked and I froze…..

We used to be the best couple in class but everything changed when that stupid Daphne Rui…… she tried to say but I cut her off….

Don’t ever call my sister stupid again . I warned  and she sighed

Fine! I am sorry for calling her that but please let us go back to how we were . she pleaded and I scoffed

That can never happen!

but why? She asked with a wavering voice and I could tell she was about to cry ……

because I don’t love you. I answered with a low voice ………

Liar! You love me  Declan, you are just too confused to know . she retorted angrily before storming out of the room……..

I watched her go and smirked, She is really crazy!
Sasha Alfredo
On getting to the class, I met only a few persons , I glanced at the time , it was 11:00 am

Oh! It was time for short recess…..

Looking around the class, I spotted the chubby girl seated alone at the extreme corner of the class…I smirked  and walked up to her ….

hi! I greeted the girl. she looked up at me   and scoffed …..

What do you want? She asked coldly and I clutched my fist to stop myself from poking her flat nose…..I faked a smile…..

I just want to apologise for yelling at you last week ……She gave me a surprised look……..

And why are you doing all this? She asked

Because i want to be friends with you . I answered with a smile…….

Friends! but why! She asked and I glanced at ghostie before answering her …..:

You see erm I just like you. I stuttered and she smiled lightly…….

Quit the act and just tell me what you want? She said with a grin ….

What! I exclaimed softly and she nodded slowly
I bit my lips , I never knew she was so smart!

Fine! My seat! I want to know why it was abandoned, I want to know why they all reacted strangely when I sat on it ………

She looked around the class to make sure no one was eavesdropping before looking back at me….

You see I am quite new here also and I don’t really know what happened but I heard the seat is kinda cursed …

Cursed! I repeated in shock and she nodded….

I heard the owner of the seat ruined her  own family  and anyone who sits there will share in the same fate ……..

I stared at her in confusion

How is that possible? how can a girl ruin her own family?

This was the same question I asked also when I first heard about it ……. how  can a girl ruin her own family?

I sighed

Do you have an idea who the girl is? I asked and she nodded

her name is Daphne and she always wear a necklace with  the wordings “D2” on it . She informed and I gasped in shock …….

Is this the reason why Cory looked shocked when I showed the necklace to her? or is there something more to it …….

I shifted my gaze to Daphne who also had a surprised look on her face ……What exactly did she do? I wondered…….