Befriending A Ghost – Episode 5


After school hours, I bade Racheal and Cory bye and headed to the taxi station with ghostie ……

I can see you have finally made new friends. ghostie started

So! What about it! Are you jealous? I asked and she pouted

Kind of . She answered and I chuckled softly…….
But I don’t like that Racheal, she is too bossy! she remarked and I nodded

Me too , I don’t like her either ..

Then why are you friends with her if you don’t like her? She probed on and I shrug

Erm let’s just say it is because of you . I answered

Me! she repeated in surprise  and I nodded slowly

Sure, the whole class seems to know you but no one is willing to talk, so you see if I get to be her friend, she might tell me what she knows about you . I explained  and  she grinned widely

Thanks Sasha. She said in appreciation and I smiled…..

On getting to the taxi station, I flagged down a taxi…..We will see at home . ghostie said in whispers  and I nodded without looking at her…..
I opened the car door and got into the taxi….
harmony block . I called and the driver nodded before driving off………

Leaning on the seat , my mind drifted off to the last conversation I had with Jayden… he bluntly told me our  relationship would be over once I leave the town and he is sure acting on his words, he hasn’t called nor messaged me since yesterday……What should I do? I guess I should just call him first………

The driver soon stopped in front of a beautiful house, Is this really my home? The walls were painted brown  unlike the faded blue of yesterday…

I paid the driver and alighted from the car…….
Walking to the front door, I stared in awe at men who were still painting the upper part of the building …..

I never knew the “ancient” building could be as beautiful as this”

The door was slightly ajar so I pushed it opened and walked in……I met my mum and Kamara seated in the beautiful sitting room…..

Oh my gawd! Is this for real! I wondered as I looked around, the whole house looked completely different…..

I hope you like what you see? My mum asked and I nodded

Sure mom , it is really really very nice . I beamed happily and she smiled

I am glad you like it, you should go check out your room. She informed

My room . I repeated and she nodded, What happened to my room? I probed and Kamara scoffed

Go check it out yourself dummy. She said with a frown….

Spoilt brat! I muttered before heading upstairs to my room……

Entering my room, I widened my eyes in surprise as I looked around…The cracked walls had been fixed and the walls painted , there was also a new wardrobe and a fancy reading table in the room……..

This is so nice! I squealed in delight….I walked  up to the wardrobe and opened it , my clothes neatly arranged in it ….

Thanks mum. I muttered …..

I tossed my backpack to the bed and was about pulling off my clothes when ghostie came  in through the walls ……..

I widened my eyes in shock , Omooo! how did you do that? I asked and she smirked

have you forgotten I am a ghost? she said looking around the room……

Wow! Your room is beautiful! She remarked and before I knew it , she started running around excitedly…….:

I stared at her in surprise

Are you sure you are 18 years old ? I asked to be sure and she stopped

Why did you ask? She asked with an arched eyebrow

You behave like a little kid. I answered and she frowned……

If I am a little kid then what are you? She retorted angrily and I chuckled softly

Calm down D2, I didn’t mean it that way . I said trying to calm her down…

D2! She repeated and I nodded slowly

But why did you call me that? She asked with a stern face and I smirked

Are you dumb! Didn’t you hear Declan response why I asked him about you? I asked while pulling off my shoes

I heard but I did not fully understand what he meant , can you please explain better to me? She pleaded

Fine! he said you are stupid just like her, and do you know what that means? I asked hoping she would say yes but instead, she shook her head negatively…..I sighed in frustration , she must be really dumb!

So you see it means D2 is a girl and that girl is you . I explained and she gave me a weird look..

But how can D2 be my name? I mean is there a name like that? She asked and I laughed out loud

You are so naive ! I never said it was your real name , it could be your alias  . I said with a shrug and she nodded slowly…..

Alias name ! but what about my real name? She probed and I smiled

Don’t worry baby , I will find out soon……….:Are you done talking with yourself? a familiar voice asked and I froze…..

I looked in the direction of the voice and saw Kamara standing at the entrance to my room….

erm wheeen did you geeet herrre. I stuttered

Long enough to hear you talking to yourself about a D2. She answered still staring at me weirdly…..

I was not talking to myself , I was revising for a test . I lied and she smirked

You can tell that to dummies. She retorted in disbelief…..

But why didn’t you knock before coming in? I fired at her

It isn’t my fault  you left your door opened . She fired back at me

Fine! Then why are you here? I asked with a frown but she just stared on at me
Kamara! I called  and she sighed

Are you sure you are okay? I think you need to visit a psychiatrist. She said with a concerned look and I scoffed

Are you trying to say I am insane? I asked in a huff..

No , I am just trying….. she tried to say but I cut her off

Just tell me why you are here! I barked and she eyed me coldly

Dinner is ready , you can choose either to come down or remain in your room talking to yourself . She said mockingly before leaving the room……

I bit my lips and turned sideways to look at ghostie…..

I am sorry . She apologised while playing with her hands ….

It is not your fault . I assured and she smiled lightly…..

I pulled off the gown and hurriedly changed into an indoor outfit…..

Wait here for me . I instructed and walked out of the room without waiting for her response…..

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Declan Davies…..

I woke up with a throbbing headache and a slight body pain, I sat up on the bed and looked around me, the pot Starch was still on the bed and the cigarettes butt littered the floor…….: I ran my hands through my hair, I felt so confused and empty ……..Glancing at the wall clock, it was 21:00 pm

Damn! I slept for roughly 9 hours……….
I dragged myself up from the bed and headed downstairs to the kitchen………I met my mom seated in the dinning , she was drinking as usual….

hi mom! I greeted but as expected, she ignored me….I smiled lightly

I walked into the kitchen to see the whole place in a mess…..This is really frustrating! I was too tired to do any cleanup….

Opening the refrigerator,  I took  out a bottled water and a canned food before walking out of the messy kitchen……

I took  few steps towards the stairs and stopped when I heard my name…….Am I dreaming! Did mom just call me ? I thought within….

Declan! she called again and I turned back to look at her, What is that in your hands? She asked coldly, I looked at the bottled water and then at her …

It is water and food ma. I answered still wondering why she asked…… She stood up in a huff and moved closer to me

Water! She repeated and I nodded, What do you want to do with it? Do you want to poison yourself? Do you want to leave me also . she yelled

No mother, I will never leave you . I assured her

Liar! they both said the same thing and they left . She retorted angrily and I shook my head
Just go away! Just go away! She screamed loudly.

No mum, I will never leave you …I tried to touch her but she pushed me away …..

They all left , my husband left , Daphne left so what are you waiting for? Leave me alone. she held her head and kept on screaming….

Mother please stop . I pleaded but she didn’t budge…..

Daphne killed my husband, Daphne destroyed my family . She continued, I bit my lips as tears rolled down my eyes

I gave her life , I gave her love but look at how she repaid me! she made me… she stopped and broke down in tears…..I was about saying something when I heard a knock on the door….I rushed to open it and sighed in relief when I saw it was her therapist…….

Please Come in ma, she is at it again . I informed and opened the door widely ……

The woman rushed into the room and tried to calm my mother  who was still screaming loudly……..I watched the  therapist bring out a small bottle and a syringe from her bag….She used the needle to draw out all the content from the bottle …and as soon as she injected it into my mom arm, my mom became calm…….

I love you Declan ! love you  Daphne! I heard her say before she drifted off to sleep……
Sasha Alfredo
After dinner , I bade my mum goodnight before heading to my room……and as for my dad, he was still at work…..

Entering the room, I met ghostie in front of the mirror

What are you doing there? I asked and she turned to look at me…….

There is no reflection of me in the mirror. She answered sadly

That is because you are a ghost . I reminded and she nodded slowly……I moved closer to the bed and sat down on it

Picking my phone from the table, I dialled Jayden number but he did not pick …..I dialled it again but it was still the same ……

What is wrong! Is he  mad at me! I wondered…:
I was about dialling it for the third time when a message popped in, it was a message from Jayden.. I clicked on it and read  it

“Stop bugging me with calls, I am with my new girl ”

No! It can’t be ! I said aloud……

What is that? ghostie asked while moving closer to me but I ignored her…..Tears rolled down my eyes as I read the message again…

Oh Jayden! Am I that easy to be forgotten!

Why are you crying? Ghostie asked

Nothing. I lied

I am not a dummy! I know you are not happy so please tell me about it . She insisted

And why would I tell you? I retorted angrily hoping she would let me be but instead she smiled….

Because I am your friend. She answered innocently…….I stared at her for a while and sighed

Fine! It is Jayden my boyfriend or should I say ex?

And what did he do? She asked

he replaced me so easily . I answered as more tears rolled down my eyes and she scoffed

Is that why you are crying! I mean why waste your tears on a jerk like him? She retorted with a frown

Jerk! I repeated

Yes, guys who treats ladies like trash are jerk. She answered with a light smile ….

Oh! I exclaimed softly

So who is the little kid now? She pouted and  I

So forget him and date someone better. She continued

Better! And where will I see someone better? I asked while deleting the stupid message and the jerk number off my phone….She smiled mischievously

What of Declan? she asked and I huffed

hell no! he is so rude.

That is because you don’t know him . She defended and I smirked……

You are talking as if you know him better than I do , he is my class mate remember?

Oh! She nodded slowly and I smiled……..but speaking of Declan made me remember something I noticed in class…….Ghostie and Declan have the same eye colour……….
Declan Davies
After tucking my mum up in her bed , I headed to my room …….I don’t know what I could have done if her therapist had not shown up on time …..She assured me that mum would be a little bit better when she wakes up …..

Entering my room , I hid the pot starch underneath the bed and dusted the bed  a little, I sat down on the bed and was about pulling off my clothes when my phone rang ….. I checked the caller, it was Racheal…. Why is she calling? I wondered and banged the call……And as expected , she called again and I received it on the second ring ….

Hi Declan! she called

What do you want? I asked coldly

I just want to check up on you . She answered

Thanks, I am alright. I assured her

And also I ….. she tried to say but I cut her off

Good night Racheal! I bade and ended the call…….

I was in no mood to talk to anyone…..Pulling off my clothes, I picked up the packet of cigarettes from the table but it was empty…Jeez! Did I smoke it all!

I stood up from the bed and walked to my reading table …….Opening the drawer of the table , a shiny object hidden at the corner caught my attention…..

I brought it out along with a pack of cigarette
I stared at the chain ,  It was a golden chain with the letter D inscripted on it …………..
It smiled lightly…..
It was a birthday gift from my late dad , he made it specially for me and Daphne ……… her’s had a D2 inscription on it…. I guess it is the  initials of her full name (Daphne Davies)