Befriending A Ghost – Episode 8


Sitting on my bed , I was still trying to digest what I just heard …..Daphne and Declan ! twins! But how is that possible! I mean how can Daphne be the twin sister to that rude b……. what am I even saying? I was damn confused.

I know it might sound silly but I have a strong feeling that he is my twin brother. She repeated

Feelings! We can’t just make an assumption based on a mere feeling. I said , I was still finding it hard to believe but she shook her head negatively

It is not just about my feelings , he was also the one in my memory . She insisted and I sighed

Fine! but we still need to be sure about this .i said biting my lips and she nodded slowly

So what do you suggest we do? She asked

Simple! I will get closer to Declan so I can find out the truth . I answered with a yawn and she smiled lightly…………..

You are feeling sleepy right? She asked but I shook my head negatively

You don’t need to lie Sasha , your eyes are all puffy . She observed and I smiled softly

You got me right there!

Laying on the bed, I pulled up my covers ……

Good night Daphne. I bade and soon drifted off to sleep……………

The sound of the alarm clock woke me up from sleep , I stretched my body before sitting up on the bed….Rubbing my eyes, I looked around the room to see Daphne standing in front of the mirror…I smiled, Why does she like staring at her invisible self?

Daphne! I called and she turned back to look at me

Finally! the Princess is awake. She said with an eye roll and I chuckled

Did you miss me that much? I asked teasingly and she huffed ……….

Just go and bath! She instructed and then looked back at the mirror ….

Oh yeah! I drawled! I got off the bed and walked into the bathroom to freshen up .returning to the room with a towel wrapped around me , I went over to the wardrobe……Opening the wardrobe, i searched through the heaps of clothes and settled for a white floral gown ….

Perfect! I remarked and hurriedly dressed up in it…..

How do I look? I asked Daphne who was still in front of the mirror…..She shifted her gaze to me and smiled lightly

You look like a Princess ! She remarked and I blushed, and I am sure Declan won’t be able to resist you on this . She added and I smirked….

Must you bring Declan into our conversation? I asked with an eye roll

I don’t see anything wrong with it, after all he might be my twin brother. She said with a shrug……

Whatever! I muttered

Pulling a white sneakers from underneath my bed , I wore it  and then parked my hair into a pony tail ….I picked a smaller mirror from the table and stared at my reflection….You are beautiful Sasha! I praise my self

I sling my backpack across my shoulders and headed downstairs with Daphne following behind me………

On getting downstairs, I met my mom
having breakfast in the dinning ….

Good morning mom! I greeted and she looked up at me with a smile

Morning baby! how was your night?she asked

Fine mum! I responded and she nodded, Have your seat let me get you your breakfast…

Don’t worry mom I will pass , I will eat at the school cafeteria…

Do you have enough money? She asked and I nodded

See ya later mom ! I bade and was about leaving the house when she called me ……I turned back to look at her…..

Are you sure you are alright? She asked with a concerned look and I gave her a confused look …..

Alright! Why did you ask mum? She sighed, I walked past your room yesterday night and overheard you talking to yourself . She explained and I chuckled nervously

I was not talking to myself mum , I was revising for a test . I lied, She stared at me for a while and they shook her head in disagreement….

I knew what i heard , it sounded like you were talking to someone. She said eying me suspiciously , I really think you need to see a psychiatrist. She added and I scoffed

Are you indirectly telling me I am insane?

No baby , I am trying to let you… she tried to defend her self but I cut her off

See ya later . I bade and walked out of house

I am sorry Sasha. Daphne apologised as we walked to the taxi station……….

It is not your fault . I assured her but she shook her head negatively

It is Sasha , everyone thinks you are crazy and it is all because of me .she said with a pout and I sighed

that is because they don’t know what is going on, so please don’t listen to whatever they say . I pleaded and she nodded slowly ……

We soon got to the taxi station and I flagged down a taxi…..

See you in school . Daphne said in whispers and I nodded without looking at her…I opened the car door and I got in

“Diamond High school. I called and the driver nodded before driving off……….

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Getting to school , I met Cory along the hall way and as usual she was carrying both hers and Racheal back pack…Why is she always doing that? I wondered as I walked closer to her……..

hi Sasha! she greeted first and I smiled

hi! What of Racheal? I asked looking around and she sighed

She should be on her way. She answered

Should! Then why are you with her backpack?i asked as we walked slowly to the class…..

Actually we had a sleepover at my place so she left early this morning to go prepare for school. She explained and I exclaimed softly

Oh! Does that mean she always sleep over at your place? I probed on and she chuckled softly

No Sasha! How is that even possible! she got her house . She answered in a rush and I gave her a confused look …..

Then why are you always carrying her backpack?

That is because, erm that is because …. oh!Sasha you ask too much of questions……..

Entering the class, I looked towards Declan seat and as expected , he was yet to be in class….Why is he always coming late? I mumbled and Cory turned sideways to look at me….

What did you say? she asked with an arched eyebrow

Nothing. I lied and she sighed softly… We walked over to our seats and I dusted mine before sitting……

I had a very long night . Cory started, she turned back to face me ….

Why? I asked while bringing out my English note from my bag……

I stayed awake trying to solve those difficult equation but still couldn’t get it . She explained…

Difficult! The equations weren’t difficult at all. I boasted, Just then I felt a presence beside me and without looking, I knew it was Daphne …….

Not everyone is like you. Cory said with an eye roll and I chuckled softly…….

If you want , I can explain it to you. I offered and she widened her eyes in surprise

Are you for real? She asked and I nodded …..
She was quiet for some moment , and then said…..

What if you come over to my house for a sleepover. she suggested

Sleepover! I repeated

Yes, we will have enough time to study and we can also get to know each other better. She explained and I sighed softly

I really wish to , but I don’t think my mum will allow me….

Then we can have the sleepover at your place .

She insisted, or will your mom be against that as well? she asked staring intently at me…….

I don’t think so , but I will have to ask her first …

Good! I will call you this night to get the feedback. She said and I nodded….. but wait a minute! does she have my number?

And as if reading my thoughts, she said ,I will get it from the group chat ……

Oh!group chat! Declan got my number from there also….. speaking of Declan, is he already in class? i wondered and looked up just in time to see him walk into the class with Racheal….he is here! I heard Daphne squealed and I bit my lips in anger ….he whispered something to Racheal before he walked over to his seat…

What exactly is going on between them? Are they dating? I thought with in …..

Oooooooh! I think the witch is trying to steal your boyfriend. Daphne said while stamping her invisible foot on the tiled floor…….

he is not my boyfriend! I retorted angry and Cory gasped

What boyfriend! She asked

Damn! I completely forgot about her, I shifted my gaze to her and met her puzzled look ……

What boyfriend! she repeated and I smiled nervously……

Erm I was just erm you see thi em. I stuttered not knowing what to say and she smirked

Do you like Declan? She asked and I kept mute …..She sighed,

I know you do because the look in your eyes tells it all , but you really need to kill those feelings. She advise

But why? I asked in surprise and she looked around the class before answering

Isn’t it obvious! Declan is cold- hearted Jerk who never falls in love…….

Are you for real! Then what about Racheal, aren’t they dating? I asked in a rush but she shrugged..

Actually they were into a relationship before but everything changed when Declan lost his twin sister bec……she paused and then bit her lips …

Twin sister! Is Daphne really his twin sister? I asked and her eyes popped out of her head

how did you know that name? She asked with a wavering voice and I scoffed

Declan told me himself. I answered dryly but she shook her head

That is not possible, Declan hardly talks about her because she , because she , because she …..
because she

what! I asked in a huff , I was already getting impatient ……..

because she is dead. she completed and I nodded slowly

I already know that , but do you by any chance know how she died? I asked picking my words and a flicker of fear crossed her face…..

No! I mean how do you expect me to know! she asked with a trembling voice and I smiled knowing she was lying…..

But why did you….. I was about to ask when the teacher walked into the class and as expected , everyone rushed back to their various seats and the class was soon quiet………I smacked my lips in anger, I guess I will have to ask her later , no I will ask Declan ….

I turned sideways to look at him and my heart skipped a bit when I met his gaze ….he winked at me and then looked away ……

Omooooo! what just happened! Did he just wink at you! Daphne exclaimed i shifted my gaze to her and smiled

“She is truly Declan twin sister……”

Declan Davies

Flipping my phone, I half listened to the teacher as she explained a chemical theory “. I was lost musing about what happened this morning….My mum made breakfast! My mum talked and laughed with me ! Everything still feels like a dream! When she said we should start all over again , i never expected it to be this fast! My phone suddenly buzzed signifying a text message. I clicked on it , it was a message from Racheal……

“Let us meet in the empty classroom after class”
I smiled, I looked in her direction and met her seductive gaze …..She is really crazy!

After the class, I stood up from my seat and walked out of the class….climbing up the staircase , I  walked through the long passage to the empty classroom…..I walked into the classroom and sat down on the front desk ….
After waiting for some minutes, I unlocked my phone and was about dialling  Racheal number when she walked in …….

What took you so long? I queried as she moved closer to me

I am sorry , i had to sort out some stuffs. She explained and I nodded…

So why did you ask us to meet, do you have anything to say? I asked  staring intently at her

Are you really asking me that! I want you Declan . She blurted out and before I could reply her , she pulled me close to her and kissed me ….I broke  the kiss and then  pushed her away from me…..

What are trying to do? What if someone sees us…. I stopped when I heard a faint gasp
Looking in the direction , I was shocked  to see the newbie standing at the entrance to the classroom……

Declan! she called in shock and then ran off …And immediately, I felt my heart sank ……Standing up from the desk ,I was about running after her when Racheal held on to my clothes tightly…..

And where do you think you are going? she retorted angrily

Isn’t it obvious, I am going after her. I responded in a huff and she shook her head

No you can’t , not when I am still talking to you. she half yelled and I smirked

Then watch me do it!

I freed myself from her grip and walked out of the class room …….

Declan! Declan! Declan! I heard her called but I ignored her…..

Sasha Alfredo

I kept on running till I got to the stair case and then I stopped to wipe off the tears rolling down my eyes……

I am sorry Sasha . Daphne apologised but I ignored her….After all , she was the one who coaxed me into looking for Declan in the empty dusty classroom, but what did I get in return? I saw him kissing the love of his life …::I bit my lips in anger

Please Don’t be angry with my brother, I am sure the witch forced him into it . She pleaded and I scoffed

Force! And why would she force him! Didn’t you hear what Cory said , she said he is a cold- hearted jerk . I retorted angrily but she shook her head negatively

My brother is not like that. She defended and I nodded knowingly

Of course, I know you will defend him….I was about climbing down the stairs when I heard someone called  and I turned back to see Declan walking towards………

I smiled inwardly, I was actually hoping he would come after me and he did ……

What do you what? I asked as soon as he got nearer and he ran his hands through his hair

Erm you see I am really sorry for what you saw earlier. he apologised and I rolled my eyes

And why would you be!  it is a normal thing for lovers to kiss. I drawled and  he smiled lightly….

Are you jealous? he asked teasingly and I huffed

Jealous! hell no! And why would I be!

Probably because you like me. he said with a wide grin and I smacked my lips knowing he was right….I liked him but I was just too  shy to admit it …..he chuckled softly,

you don’t need to be nervous because I like you too . he said and i widened my eyes in surprise…..

But what about Racheal? I asked picking my words and he smiled lightly

she is just a friend and nothing more. he assured  and I nodded slowly

I had many questions going on in my mind but I guess it will have to wait ..I am sorry once again . he apologised…I smiled lightly,

it is alright …..

So why did you come up here ? Do you have anything to say to me? he suddenly asked and I nodded slowly

I am really curious  about Daphne, I want to know more about her . I said expecting him to flare up but instead he smiled…..

What exactly do you want to know? he asked

Everything. I answered and he arched his eyebrow….

But why! Why are you so interested in knowing about her?

Because she is my friend. I answered…….he stared at me for a while and then sighed…

Fine! I will tell you everything you need to know about her but that will be after school hours. he agreed and I smiled…..

Shifting my gaze to Daphne , she flashed me a smile …….The smile, they both have the same smile …..