One proverb that has proven to stand the test of time and still maintain it’s credibility without significant doubt is “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Indeed, people have different perspectives on this very subjective word “beauty” . In terms of physical beauty, some people adore  nice “coca Cola” shaped ladies and six packed belly gentlemen. Others like their women and men more fleshy, while others don’t really care what they get. (after all, every paintey be paintey, bukom) .

Let’s liken these different choices to the words that proceed from our mouth. Every one has his or her own criteria for judging ‘hurtful’ words. A sentence that might sound harsh to someone might get down well with another.A word someone might find absolutely rude will just hit another as just a little over the top.   Another might not even find fault with it at all.

We have different ways of emotionally handling situations, and as such we should respect other people’s views on the effects our actions and in actions, words and gestures, and our silence and outbursts have on them. You can’t expect everyone to be as tough skinned as you are, likewise, you can’t expect everyone to handle situations the way you do. You may be emotionally stronger than your friend, who in turn might have much stricter adherence to moral values than you. You can’t expect both of you to handle relationship and religious issues the same way.

In unity lies our strength. Let us,in brotherly love, make conscious efforts to tolerate each other and respect each others values and actions to enable us live in peace and harmony. Treat others as you’ll want to be treated and there will be peace.
As the GOLDEN RULE says “do unto others what you’ll have others do unto you”.
God bless you.