Kizalsa 2.0? What is this?




Accra’s coolest socializing & networking platform for the urban dweller / professional / expatriate who is a but frustrated by the limited available interavtive entertainment choices.

We take it one step further by basing this interaction upon 2 couple dance styles that have gained escalating international repute. Kizomba & Salsa. This belies our love and appreciation for aesthetics, culture, class, style, passionate expression and maturity.

These days, more business links are established in informal settings than in offices. Gold courses, dinner tables, cocktail lounges… So expect to expand your professional and business network with us.  We have been active since the beginning of this year and the support has been tremendous.

Tonight we launch our official status as a Meetup Group in Accra. @ the Bedouin Pool Lounge (East Legon, next to Lizzy’s Sports Complex, around the corner from A&C Shopping Mall) from 7pm to half past 10pm.

It’s absolutely FREE so pass by right after work, share a cocktail with friends and make some new ones. Perhaps then you’ll understand why we call it a beautiful lifestyle. Google Kizalsa for more info on our past activities.