Banking Episode 8


Flashback Ile-Ife, 2006

“Olowo ori mi, what do you have to say about the matter at hand?’’ Ireti asked

‘’I don’t see any matter here, Ireti. I already told you to let these kids be.” Ooni Adelowo responded.

‘’Ah! Adelowo, you don’t seem to understand. My son’s involvement with this low-life girl has a negative impact…’’

‘’Look here madam…..’’ He started to say with all seriousness, ‘’I don’t know why you keep beating yourself up about this. Just because we were fortunate to come from a royal family doesn’t make those who didn’t have a lesser god. Besides, they are still teenagers. The feelings, I’m sure, will fade away as life gets real.’’

‘’Is that all you have to say?!’’ she cried out in frustration.

‘’Well, on this matter, yes. Please let this be last time you’re going to bring this irrelevant subject up.’’ The king fired back.

Ko ko ko The sound of a knock on the door.

“Come on in’’ Ooni asked whoever was at the other side.

Isamotu, one of the guards in the palace stepped in to inform the king that the chiefs were all waiting in the visitors’ room.

‘’I’ll be there in few minutes.’’ The king said, while Ireti motion her hand for the guard to leave. He did.

‘’Ehen, Ireti….’’

‘’Hold up! Hold up!’’, Ireti screeched ‘’Please go ahead and meet your chiefs to discuss the town issues because that’s the only thing that falls into your relevant subject category.’’

‘’Olori…’’ the king barely muttered as he stood to his feet to exit the room. ‘’I deserve a grammy for keeping you for all of these years’’

‘’Then I deserve an Oscar for tolerating you all along.’’

The both chuckled as the king vanished from her presence.
Ireti beckoned on one of her valets.

‘’Get me Aremu.’’ She ordered.
Few minutes later, the valet was back with Aremu.

The queen gestured at the valet to excuse them. She then fed Aremu with the details on how she intended to end the love affair between her son and Nike. She threatened to send Aremu away from the palace if he fails to play his role efficiently in the ’end-the-Deji-and-Nike-affair’ drama she wrote in her head.

Ireti knew if Deji was to going to trust anyone with information it was going to be Aremu. She knew how close they were. The poor boy had no choice than to consent to the devilish plan.

‘’My mother won’t be home till sun set.’’ Nike said staring at Deji as he laid beside her.

‘’I wish I don’t have to avoid her meeting me here.’’ Deji complained in frustration.

‘’Yes. But you know mama wants a clean slate with the queen.’’

‘’Yeah I got it.’’

Nike had become an essential part of Deji’s life since they met at the lake side over two years ago. The lake side was just few miles away from the palace and had served as one of Deji’s favourite getaway.