Balcony Boy Episode 13


When I wake up the next morning, I instantly got out to the balcony. I look out for one face in particular and see him, leant over the railing just like the first time I saw him. He’s looking out at the sea, and I go back inside to get ready.

I tell my parents I’m going out and walk through the door, beach bag in hand, dressed in my bikini with a light dress over the top.

I make my way to room 433 and hesitate slightly before knocking.

It’s Jake’s dad who opens the door. “Ah, Amber! Lovely to meet you.” He shakes my hand before calling Jake in off the balcony. He walks in, head down, shirt off, looking as amazing as ever.

“What’s up, Dad?” He lifts his hand to brush his hair back and stops when he sees me.

“Amber?” He smiles. “What are you doing here?”

I lift up my beach bag, “I was wondering if you wanted to go to the beach?”

“Yeah, yeah definitely.” He grabs his towel off a chair and jogs out of the door, dragging me with him. He calls bye to his parents and just like that we’re walking down the corridor, his hand on my arm. “So, our beach?”

“If by ‘our’ beach you mean the small one, yes.”

“Aw come on Bloom, it’s our beach.” He puts his arm around my shoulders again and I roll my eyes.

We got downstairs and walk through the small gap in the hedge. Finding the beach completely empty.

I place my bag down and start to pull my dress over my head, revealing my bikini. Jake has only ever seen me in a full swimsuit and when I turn around he’s stood still, staring at me. I clear my throat and he jumps a little.

Blushing slightly he scratches the back of his head. “Lets hope the water’s a little warmer in the day time.” He says laughing awkwardly, before walking into the water.

I walk around and instead climb up on the rocks, just as Jake had the night before. I shout down at Jake’s head as it bobs out of the water, “Is it warmer?”

“It’s perfect.” He shouts back and gestures for me to jump. “Show me your best dive Bloom.”

I go on my toes and jump hands first into the water. When I surface again I turn, looking for Jake. I can’t see his head above water and spin in a full circle to no avail.

“Jake?” There’s no answer as I continue to look around.

I scream as Jake’s head appears right in front of my own. He had gone under the water and come up in my face, making me jump. “Oh my God, you…you…flat tire!”

“Flat tire? Seriously?” He asks, eyebrow raised. I shove him away from me as he laughs and he grabs my waist to stop himself from floating too far away. I shiver slightly, despite the warm salty water.

There’s a drop of water on the tip of Jake’s nose and it takes all my strength not to reach up and wipe it away, I almost gave in but one of Jake’s hands moves from my waist to brush a strand of hair behind my ear.

Our faces are inches apart and getting closer by the second, I can feel my heart beating in my throat.

I take a shaky breath, feeling his own breath on my face and close my eyes.