Banking Episode 7


On getting into the room Peter grabbed her hand and pulled her down. He knew what those lips licking and seductive eyes of Bunmi were meant for. He could have her right here, right now and continue his main mission tomorrow.

Bunmi’s legs went weak as the door closed behind them. She felt Peter’s mouth on hers, his lips tasting of vodka and cranberry juice, sweet. She opened her mouth.

At that moment she felt his hand come up beneath her gown, heard the rustle of material giving way, felt his warm hand between her legs, ripping aside the satin panties to caress her v—a. She put her arms around his neck and hung there as he opened his trousers. Then he placed both hands beneath her bare buttocks and lifted her.

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She gave a little hop in the air so that both her legs were wrapped around his upper thighs. His tongue was in her mouth and she s—-d on it. He gave a savage t—-t that banged her head against the door. She felt something burning pass between her thighs.
She let her right hand drop from his neck and reached down to guide him. Her hand closed around an enormous, blood-gorged pole of muscle. It pulsated in her hand like an animal and almost weeping with grateful ecstasy she pointed it into her own wet, turgid flesh.

The t—-t of its entering, the unbelievable pleasure made her gasp, brought her legs up almost around his neck, and then like a quiver, her body received the savage arrows of his lightning-like thrusts; innumerable, torturing; arching her pelvis higher and higher until she reached a shattering c—-x, felt his hardness break and then the crawly flood of semen over her thighs.

She could swear she had never had it like this. Slowly her legs relaxed from around his body, slid down until they reached the floor. They leaned against each other, out of breath.