Banking Episode 54


’Wait.’’ Pa Tewotegbo ordered. He gave the ring on Peter’s finger a closer gaze. He could tell what it was meant for.

Pa Tewotegbo had been a herbalist residing at Aiyedade, Ile-Ife until few months ago when his eldest son finally succeeded in convincing him about living in Lagos.

He only accepted his son’s offer because he was promised a job. He was still agile even at this old age. He believed staying at his son’s house and having his maid take care of him was a waste of his spiritual powers.

Since he became the CSO at the Computer Village, the rate of burglary during the night drastically decreased.

‘’What Baba?’’ Peter questioned, feeling uncomfortable with the stare. ‘’It’s just a ring.’’

‘’I’m sure if you know who i am you wouldn’t lie to me.’’ He said looking at Peter in the face. ‘’This is a command ring.’’

Peter was shocked by this comment. They conversed as they both walked down to the entrance gate. Since then they became very close.
Pa Tewotegbo was on his way to meet Peter in Wale’s office to tell him about his phone that was having an earpiece problem before he caught the sight of a familiar mark on a lady’s nape. Giving it a closer gaze he saw that was the same mark he gave the baby he later gave to Awele to care of. He was amazed.

On the spur of the moment, he dashed to Wales’ office. Peter was there alone busy with his laptop. He told Peter he needed him to make an enquiry about someone that just walked into the phone gallery.

Peter drew Pa Tewotegbo’s attention to the CCTV on wale’s desk and ask him to identify the lady. He did.

Peter beamed. The lady Pa Tewotegbo asked him to make an enquiry about the woman he knew very well. Mrs Adesola Williams.

He excused himself and headed to the gallery. He saw Mrs Williams with one of the sales representatives, the lady he had seen on the CCTV wasn’t by her side. He scanned through the gallery quickly, but he still couldn’t see her. Then he heard someone said,

‘’Mr Brian. It’s nice to see you.’’ Turning to this other side, he saw Mrs Williams and gave her a beam.

‘’Good morning ma. Its good to have you around. I was just coming to say hello.’’

‘’Yeah. Thanks. I came with my niece that just came from Ife. She wanted to get a new phone.’’ Mrs Williams said.

‘’Oh nice. And where is she?’’

‘’She had to leave after getting an urgent call from her training school.’’

‘’Oh. Ok.’’ Peter simply said, then asked,

“Can you please recommend a phone for her?’’

They both headed to the I-phone stand, ‘’she will like this.’’

‘’Alright then.’’