Amidst Temptation Episode 7


Rebecca and I were having lunch together at our usual spot “So how’s bro James?” I asked, James was who Rebecca was dating, he belonged in my fellowship and they had a Godly relationship free of drama, wish I could get similar

“Hes fine..better now.took the drugs the doctors gave him but he refused to listen to me about the inhaler”

“I know what your saying..Janet’s asthmatic, can’t blame him maybe he wants God to heal him”

“God made doctors to help”

“Yes but still you should join your faith with his, I believe God can heal him”

“I sometimes wish no one would be sick”

“Then how do you get patients to treat” Rebecca chuckled

” are you not gonna be praying for your patients to get well? ”

“Course I would..but I still have to feed too” we laughed as a shadow fell on our table. I looked up, it was Serena

“Can we talk?” I looked to Rebecca then

“whatever you want to say you can say here” I wasn’t going to ditch my Christian friend for her

”I just wanted to say i m really sorry for pushing, guess I thought someone in there you were like me, would you forgive me, I would never push you to my brother again” she sounded apologetic so I just rolled my eyes and said

”its fine Serena but we still can’t be friends.. We have nothing in common”

“How so?”

“Can’t you see..your lifestyle is trifle different from the one I want to like guys I don’t”

“You don’t like guys..?”

“Well you get my point..please understand” She was silent then

“ok” she left

“Hope that wasn’t too harsh”

“It was for the best” Rebecca said

“Yea..have you done your assignment yet?” I changed subject, we talked more before we went for our next lecture. When I went home the next day, Janet jumped on me in a bear hug

”hey kid sis you getting so heavy” as I carried her and went to meet my mother in the kitchen”hey Mom ” She looked back at me from the stove, she was on night duty so I knew she would be home

“how’s school?” She asked

“Fine..where’s Dad?”

“Went for Bible study in church, would soon be back, are you staying for dinner?”, I’d planned on coming to collect some stuffs and going back to school but I decided to stay anyway, and if I waited I d see my Dad

“Yes” I replied

“Hey sis” David walked into the kitchen”you know you should practice calling”he said

“Says the man who’s on monthly salary”he d gotten a job in a private firm about a month ago but was yet to move out

“I’ve not been paid”

“Stories”, he chuckled as he asked about food, loaded his plate and left. Serena texted me that I should tell her when I was going for fellowship that Wednesday, I was surprised but called her anyway..

” Please dress decent” I chirped in, she didn’t reply. She did dress decent enough, and we went together in her car, Rebecca was shocked to see her

“What game is she playing now?”

“She promised to come and here she is, you should be more welcoming”

“Plus I’m not that evil, I like church” Serena said with a smile when she overhead us, Rebecca winced

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“of course you do”she said going to stand back at her spot for she was an usher. Serena danced and seemed to be enjoying herself during praise and worship, she didn’t do anything out of place, I was impressed, after fellowship closed I went to meet her

”so how does it feel?”

“Good.. My nanny used to take us to church but she died”

“Oh..never knew that” I didn’t know anything about her, didn’t even know her parents

“Yea..who’s the hottie?” She asked, I turned and saw Martin making his way towards us, I guess she ll never change..

”my president, Martin this is Serena my friend” he shook her hand

” welcome to fellowship I hope you were blessed”

“Yea your choir especially were amazing”

“Thank you..” He said, We talked more before he left

“So you have a boyfriend that’s why you didn’t want my brother”

“, hes just..we just friends”

“Thats what you tell yourself.. Its clear as day he likes you”

“Let’s just drop it”

“ you need a ride or something?”

“No I have to help arrange the hall..thanks for coming”

“I ll come again if you like”

“I ll be glad” she got in her car and drove off, I went back in the hall

“are you going home now?” I turned and saw Martin

“no… I want to help in arranging”

“Oh..well let’s go together”

“Martin you’re president”


We got to decoration and helped fold curtains while we talked and laughed, when I said I wanted to go home, he offered to walk me..

“So this is my stop..” I said at the entrance to my hostel “thanks”

“You are welcome” he said and watched me go… I screamed out in glee when I got in my room and skipped around for the rest of the day so Rebecca noticed

“Why you so happy?”

“Can’t I be happy?”

“Well I hope you ll be happy when I tell you the news”

“What news?”

“Our MBBS exams in a month.and our test result would be out tomorrow”

“What..but timetable not out yet?..oh god where do I start from?”

“You can quit daydreaming about presido and stick to your books” she said, I blushed crimson

“We just friends”