Amidst Temptation Episode 8


The result of my test was pasted the next day like Rebecca had said along with timetable for our exams, I stared at the score as people rejoiced around me, the result was fair but most persons failed and I was one of them, well to my standard, the pass mark was 50 and I got 63, that was failure to me especially when I saw that Serena got 70, Rebecca 60, Rebecca was ok with her score and when she saw my downcast mood she looked at the board for my score

” well not good enough for a distinction but I thought worse you claimed the exam was bad”

“My Dad would kill me”

“No..he might be disappointed but you could always make it up during exams” she consoled..I couldnt figure out how Serena got a high score even when she ditched classes, and had an active social life..

“Guess I ll do better next time.. have you seen Serena?”

“No she’s probably not in school..please smile you acting like you got 40″ she said as we went downstairs from where it was pasted.

” How was your test result heard it came out last week”Martin asked me after fellowship as he walked me home I looked down

”bad..very bad”

“Oh..well you ll do better next time”

“Yea right..I’m not even ready for the main exam”

“Wow how read a lot”

“I know but iv been so tied up lately.”

“If its fellowship work..” He began

“No..not at all presido..iv just been lazy”

“I’m sure you can still pick up..its not too late” he said, I nodded, then he stopped walking suddenly “I thought we settled about you calling me name is Martin”

“Bro Martin” I chuckled, he got close and touched my face..

“There’s something I wanted to talk to you about..”


“Iv been praying about it and..”


“I really like you Sis Emilia” he finally said, I smiled and looked up at him. I was under my covers trying to read but my mind kept drifting to Martins, I shook my head and focused on the atlas in front of me..I had to get at least one distinction..

“You are beautiful, Godfearing, kind and loving, you are what I want in a woman”he had said

“Have you prayed about it.?” I asked.because of lack of something better to say..

“Yea but I thought I should tell you so we pray together”, I nodded, ” Do you have someone else?” he asked, shaking my head I had told him I would pray about it. I shut my atlas now and shut my eyes in prayer

“God please show me your he the one..I really want to be with him?” My blasted phone decided to ring at that moment, I ignored it wanting to hear that sweet tiny voice giving me a go ahead but the phone kept ringing.. I looked at the caller ID, it was an unknown number..who could this person be now..I pulled my finger across the screen

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“Hey sup”


“Its Sean” there was a long silence, I swear I had forced him to the back of my mind..I thought I had succeeded till now..why the hell was he calling..the dratted party was coming back

“Why you calling?”

“Gosh girl..I just thought to check up on you” I was silent

”please don’t call me again “I don’t know why I said that he was just being nice but I ended the call before he could say anything more, he called back and kept calling until I picked “I told you not to call me” I said

“I wanted to see you again”

“You can’t”

“Why not?”

“Cos you can’t..”

“You not gonna give me a logical reason at least, if you don’t want me to see you at least let me get a reason for that…” I ended the call again and he didn’t call back but it didn’t help the fact that the party rushed back in full flames..decidin g I didn’t need all the distractions, I took my backpack and put my books in it..I needed to go for night class, I had spent the greater part of the day daydreaming about boys, I haven’t seen Serena since and I surprisingly missed her..when I got to the classroom it was scanty..I was able to easily spot a familiar face..I went and plopped down beside her

“So this is where you hide and read” Serena hugged me

”our exams in a month”

“I would never have tagged you with book seriousness” I said genuinely surprised

“I party but my books comes first”

“Same thing my sister says..weird”

“Your sister parties..would like to meet her”

“She’s in finals..accounting, am sure you guys would get along just fine..she’s crazy as hell” we finally focused on reading.. “Your brother called” I said after an hour

“He did?..took him long enough”

“I don’t want him calling me..please tell him that”

“I’m thinking he just wants to be friends why you so uptight about it”

“Let’s just drop it”

“Well I’m sorry I gave him your number.. I won’t interfere again, I believe if you are meant to marry him, there’s no fighting it”

“Most girls would be grossed out by the notion”

“Not if its gonna make you my sister”she said, we started reading and I tried to focus and not think about the two guys I liked and how I was gonna make the decision, i’d always imagined it was gonna be so easy, he had to be a christian that was all..

Sean was just confusing me..when we left the classroom in the morning I decided to tell Serena not to raise her hopes..

” your brother is a real nice sure any girl would be Lucky to have him but..”

“Hes an unbeliever”

“Well yeah..and I’m kinda with Martin..I like him” admitting that out loud sounded weird

“Serious.. Well that’s great girl”

“Yeah hes a Christian and we have more in common”

“Of’s alright.. All your decision.. I gotta go… See ya” she got in her car and drove off, I was glad she wasn’t angry that her matchmaking skills didn’t pay off..but It was never gonna work between us and immediately I got the go ahead I was going to say yes.