Banking Episode 53


At the back seat, sitting between two men in the uniform, Peter Brian, or Olakunle Bello as written in his birth certificate, couldn’t help but reminisced on his journey so far.

He had forgotten his ring in Wale’s office earlier that day. This was no ordinary ring. So when he was at home chatting with one of this prospective victims and had gotten to the stage where he would ask the victim to send him some cash through Western Union. The ‘ask’ was more like a command, and as he believed, the lucky ring he had gotten from a herbalist at Ijebu-Ode was the reason his victims found it difficult to disagree when he asks for money.

He quickly hop into his car and drove off to Ikeja. It was 11pm. The computer Village night-guards were already at work. The Chief security officer Pa Tewotegbo was sitting at a dark corner as he always do every night supervising the environment.

The guards at the entrance of the largest computer phone market in the county stopped Peter’s car from coming in. He was given hundreds of reasons why he could not enter the market at the odd hour of the night, but he gave them thousands of reasons why he should be allowed in.

One of the guards escalated the issue to the CSO who stepped in and addressed Peter. After few
conversations Peter was allowed in and he made his way into SLOT’s building with CSO keeping his company.

They got to Wale’s office and Peter dug his hand into one of the lockers there, brought out an ancient looking ring and wore it on the left middle finger