Banking Episode 5


’I love that song,’’ she said coolly as R. Kelly’s Step in the Name of Love was buzzing through the speakers.

He smiled, drained the rest of his wine, and handed the empty glass to a passing footman. He stretched out his right arm. She grabbed it and they both move slowly to the rhythm. Most of the guests were now dancing.

He was a big fan of R. Kelly, and this particular jam was one of his favourites. Senator can wait. This lady right here craves for some stepping. Only one thing though, he wished Kels could change the ‘love’ in the title of the song to ‘no love.’ It was obvious Theresa was so into him, but he wasn’t.

On the far side of the floor was Kola and Nike. They both move awkwardly to the rhythm. No thanks to Kola. He was a terrible dancer and he knew it. He knew his cousin must have figured that out. Yes. This wasn’t football.
Then he remembered his friend, Deji. R. Kelly’s number one fan as he always calls himself. ‘’Ignition’ was his favourite jam whenever he was on the upbeat. Stepping to this particular song wouldn’t be a problem.

Kola needed his cousin to enjoy the event to the fullest. He wouldn’t bore her with his unwieldy moves.

’I’m enjoying this.’’ Theresa said with a radiant smile.

Of course, you are. Enjoy it while it lasts. Deji thought. He had always believed her to be beautiful, but now he’s starting to doubt his own belief after comparing her with Nike. Perhaps Nike was just a goddess. He was done for.

‘’That makes the two of us,’’ he said, forcing a smile at his dance partner.
Like Deji was a seer, Theresa’s moment was short-lived when Kola appeared with Nike beside him.

“May I please cut in on this dance?’ Kola asked in a cushy manner. ‘’The point of this event is to socialize. I’m beginning to bore my cousin.’’
Deji could not think of a reasonable way to turn his friend down. ‘’Of course,’’ he mumbled, releasing Theresa.

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Kola had darted away with Theresa in no time. Deji was left alone with his very own first love—Nike. He turned to her. Ignoring her poker face, he stretched out his arm. She accepted it hesitantly. Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud was playing now. They moved with the rhythm like a real couple. Deji could not help but stare at her, while she kept her eyes downcast and refused to meet his gaze.

Was she nervous like he was? Deji spoke when he could no longer endure the awkward silence,

‘’How is Alani?’’

Nike could not believe it. After over a decade of seeing each other, they finally got to be alone on the dance floor and he couldn’t think of a better conversation other than this. Great, Deji. Just great.