Balcony Boy Episode 9


“What do you mean, of course we need sunbeds.”

“Nope.” I look down as Jake starts to walk into the sea; he keeps going until he’s up to his knees and sets me down in the water. I sigh at how warm the water is on my legs. “Lets see how good your swimming skills are in open water, Bloom.”

“My swimming skills are good everywhere.”

“Any other skills?” He asks, eyebrows raised suggestively.

“None that you’ll ever know about.”

“There’s time.”

I roll my eyes and turn. Running as fast as I can into the water, when I got a little deeper I dive under an incoming wave, coming up on the other side. I look around to see Jake get hit by the wave and nearly fall over. I laugh and bob on top of the water, waiting for him to get closer.

Jake swims closer and looks over my shoulder at something behind me. I turn and see a massive inflatable obstacle course. Jake smiles and turns to me,

“We are going on that. Right now.”

“Race you!” I set off swimming towards the green and yellow inflatable.

Of course I won, but I’m surprised at Jake’s ability to keep up.

We climb on top of the inflatable and try to stand, but we slip over and fall off almost straight away.

“This is going to be much harder than I thought it was going to be.” Jake says, smile on his face. “You know what else is hard-” I stop him by putting my hand over his mouth.

“Do not finish that sentence.” But he licks my hand and I pull it back quickly. “Jake!”

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We finally manage to stand on the inflatable, our arms out wide for balance. I try to take a step forwards but start to wobble. Before I fall, I feel hands on my waist, steadying me.

“Careful.” It’s Jake behind me; my skin tingles where his hands touch my waist.

I swallow, trying to steady my breath. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” I turn around to see his bright smile. “C’mon, lets go.” He starts to run towards a big inflatable bag. One person is sat on the end whilst the other jumps on it, sending the person on the end flying into the air. “You lie on the end, I’ll catapult you.” Jake says, excited.

“Are you sure you’re heavy enough?”

“I’ll manage.”

I roll down the bag towards the end, laughing. I look up to Jake, “Are you ready?” He shouts.

I give him the thumbs up and he jumps. I scream as I’m shot into the sky, landing into the water feet first with a splash. I swim back to the inflatable and Jake grabs my arm, pulling my up.

“That was amazing!”

“I can’t believe how high you went.” He replies, laughing.

He turns and runs towards a trampoline.

“Bounce with me.”

I carefully make my way towards him and join him on the trampoline. Jake backs away from me and does a backflip, clearly just showing off.

I roll my eyes and instead walk towards a mini trapeze over the water. Jake runs to catch up with me but I set off, crossing to the other side.

We spend the next hour or so going down slides, climbing inflatable boulders and running across stepping stones. We slip and fall off so many times, but neither of us stops laughing.

We’re still laughing as we swim back to the beach.

As the water hits knee height, Jake comes up behind me and picks me up bridal style. “Seriously? This again?”

“I don’t get what your problem is, I’m doing you a favour.” He says, smiling at me.

I sigh, wrapping my arms around his neck, refusing to meet his eyes.