Banking Episode 6


Being shocked by the question didn’t stop her from replying him calmly. A trait she inherited from her mother, Awele.

‘’Can we not talk about that?’’ Her eyes still fixed on the floor tiles.

‘’Well, I just want to be sure I’m safe dancing with another man’s wife.’’
She stopped moving, freed her hands and looked him in the face.

‘’if you want to know if I’m married, you should’ve just asked.’’ She straightening her dress and added, ‘’enjoy the rest of the evening,’’ before walking away leaving Deji right there.

Nike headed to the bar and ordered for Cosmopolitan. A drink she fell in love with since she watched S£x in the City series.

A young man lean across the bar beside her. ‘’Hey bro,’’ he called out to the bartender who was backing him at the time, ‘’since I’m not on the set of S£x and the City, can I please have Rum and Coke?’’

He must have watched S£x in the City. Nike thought. It would have been fun talking about her favourite TV series this lovely night, but she clearly was in no mood for that. No thanks to Deji.
She quickly emptied her glass, dropped it on the slab and left the bar before the young man could make his next move. She didn’t bother looking his direction.

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Peter was watching a lady he was about to start a conversation with walk away when another lady in a pink gown, this one chubbier, blocked his view. He looked up slowly to identify the figure. He needed not a telepath to tell him the damsel was related to the hostess. If she was not Mrs Williams’ sister, he was d–n sure she was her daughter. He smiled at her and quickly turned his gaze to the dance floor. No distraction. He said to himself.

Bunmi leaned across the bar pretending Peter was not the reason she came over. She had seen Nike left the spot in a hurry. Perhaps this dark, tall and almost six feet guy was hers. She has been single long enough. Bunmi’s ex-boyfriend, Raymond, a UK based guy had dumped her months ago, but she let her family believed they were still together. To her it was better for them to think that way so when she gets a new man she can make them believe she was the one who broke up with Raymond.

‘’Everyone seems to be on the dance floor except you.’’ Bunmi said with a sensual voice.

No. No. He was here for Nike, he wasn’t going to allow himself to be distracted. This lady beside him might be her sister. He immediately titled his head a little to look at her, her see-through dress made him change his decision.

’’With you right here, I think I’m in the best place.’’

After few conversations that confirmed Peter’s guess about Bunmi being Mrs Williams’ relative, Bunmi led him to an empty bedroom down the hall. As she walked towards the room desire went through her body.