Balcony Boy Episode 10


A couple hours later, I’m back in the hotel sitting on my balcony. I’m trying to read, but it’s proving impossible. Turns out, it’s really hard to read when you have a boy a few balcony’s across shouting your name constantly.

“Hey, Amber! Amber? Amber! Amber, look at me. Amber I know you can hear me! Amber?”

Someone on a balcony below me shouts, “Amber, whoever you are answer the d–n boy!! I’m trying to drink my bloody beer in peace!”

I slam my book closed in a huff, and stomp over to the railing. “What the hell do you want, Jake.”

He smiles as soon as he sees me, “I wanted to talk, meet me down in the reception in 5.”

“What? I-”

But he was already gone, the balcony door sliding shut behind him. I turn and walk inside. I find my mum and dad on the sofa, both of them reading, a packet of crisps open in front of them.

I pop a crisp in my mouth, “Hey, is it ok if I go downstairs and talk to Jake?”

My mum pulls her glasses down her nose and raises an eyebrow. “Jake, huh?”

I roll my eyes, “Yes, Jake.”

“Just be back in time for us to go out for tea, we’re going out with Jake’s family.”

“Thanks mu- Wait what?!”

“Whilst you and Jake were out today, we talked with his parents, we’ve got along quite well so we’re going out for tea together.”

I start to walk towards the door, my mouth open wide. “He can’t leave me alone for one minute.” I mutter as I walk out the door.

I got down to the reception to see Jake sat on a chair reading a brochure for Katmandu, an upside down house you can go in with different things like mirror mazes etc.

I stood in front of him, hands on my hips. He looks up at me and flashes his signature smile. “Hey there, best friend.”

“I’m not your best friend.”

“Aw, come on, I thought we bonded today.”

“Of course you do.”

“I’ll win you over eventually. C’mon, I want to show you something”

He turns and starts to walk away, knowing I’ll follow him. He leads me out of the doors, into the pool area. We walk around the edge of the pool and I made sure I stayed well away from the edge, wary of Jake trying to push me in.

I expect us to stop at the bar but he keeps walking, stopping in front of a small gap I hadn’t noticed before between the wall of the bar and a hedge.

He looks back at me and smiles before walking through the thin alleyway. I followed him, my hair occasionally getting caught on the bush.

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“This better be good dipshit, I’m ruining my hair for thi-” I stop short when we reach the end of the pathway. The floor had turned to pebbles and we turn a corner to see a small beach, only about 20 meters long. It’s empty, bordered by massive boulders perfect for jumping off of.

“How did you find this?” I ask Jake, turning to face him.

He shrugs, “I was just walking about the first day I got here and I saw the gap. I thought of it when you said you don’t like sand today. It’s a shingle beach, completely stones. It’s perfect for you.” He smiles at me and I blush, turning away.

“Thank you.”

“No problem. However, there is one condition.”

I turn towards him, eyes narrowed. “And that is?”

“Whenever you come here, it has to be with me.”

I roll my eyes, “Fine. But that’s a stupid condition.”

He smirks at me, “I know.” He winks at me before taking of his shirt and shoes and running towards the rocks. “Ow, ow, ow, stones on bare feet hurt soooo bad.”

“Jake, what are you doing? I thought we had to go out for tea soon.”

He shrugs, “I’ll dry.” And without another word he dives off the boulder into the sea.