Banking Episode 42


He got to her place few minutes past 7. As expected, her dress was as luscious as a lady could be. Deji thought she was beautiful in the tight gown she was on. He could swear he had seen her cheek turn red after admitting how good she looked.

Deji wondered why she hasn’t come to his notice all this while. Nike perhaps. He answered himself in his thought.

He was d–n sure his hostess was shocked when he asked for an alcoholic wine. He could swear he saw her grin as she walked towards her kitchen.
Doyin was startled by his whole attitude. She almost concluded her guest wasn’t Deji, but someone else in his body. Whoever he was, she loved him better. The Deji she knew wasn’t as free as the person sitting on the leather sofa close to her. He was also flirtatious. She was oblivious Deji had a game plan.

Deji wasn’t the type that just get down with a lady just for the fun of it. He was of the principle that love should be the reason for love-making. This he believed was the same reason he almost had Nike at the William’ party and at the office.

The only time he had gone against his principle was in Oxford University. Alcohol played a major role and Kola Williams had a front row seat at the event.

Kola found it unbelievable that his friend was about to graduate out of college without having a girlfriend. That really didn’t bother him, but the fact that Deji had never been with any other lady since his first love in Ife did.

‘’Not getting laid throughout college is a NO-NO,’’ Kola said to him three weeks before the start of their final exam.

He took him to the club and managed to get him drunk. Well, he let him. Deji woke up the next morning with an unclad girl by his side and he freaked out.

The previous night was a blur to him, but what he saw that morning was a clear indication he wasn’t leaving college a saint.

Back at Doyin’s place. There wasn’t much difference in what happened in college and what was about to go down at Doyin’s. Alcohol had marked his presence and a Sekxy lady was more than ready to take him down. The only thing missing was that he need not Kola before getting drunk. As far as he was concerned, Doyin wanted a bad boy, pure bad boy she was going to get.

The mood started off pretty cozy as he lean over to kiss her. Like a hungry lion, her response was immediate. They kissed deeply like lovers for a moment before Doyin led him to her chamber.
In a swift movement he unzipped her gown while she backed him. Within a couple of seconds her gown was somewhere on the floor. She unbuttoned his sleeve in a swift movement that Deji thought she had a degree in Button Management.