Lethal Bride Episode 34


He observed her countenance, her eyes looked like they were about to spue fire, he got confused and wondered what must have changed her mood so bad. He got nervous and scared, for all the time he knew her, she had never acted in such a manner or spoken to him with so much anger laced in her voice. He looked at the things he held in his hands and dropped them on the bed. He wasn’t ready to leave her the way she was, he was determined to know what made her angry.

He probed on and on asking her what changed her mind, she kept mute and never looked at him that made him so afraid. His heart rate increased, “maybe its something I did or said” he thought.

“Crystal if I have done something to offend you please I’m sorry I can’t bear seeing you in this state”. For the first time she turned to look at him but sternly,

“Easton, please leave my room, I need to be alone”

“how do you expect me to leave when you look so unhappy, I have seen you angry but not in this mood, I can’t leave like that”

“Easton I said leave my room, can’t you hear me?” her voice was raised and firm. He stared at her for some time with so much sadness in his eyes, he decided to let her be and see her again when she must have calmed down.

“if that’s what you want, I will, but I am still coming to check on you”. She ignored him and kept looking at the ceiling. He left her room with a heavy heart, “if I only I know what is eating her up, it would be better, she knows I can do anything for her why is she keeping something away from me”, he thought as he walked downstairs.

Meanwhile Crystal kept thinking. She realized he and his father were the ones who killed her parents. It hurt her so bad as she continued picturing Easton holding a gun and pointing to her parents. She imagined him pulling the trigger and shooting them dead. The anger she felt within was great.

“He will pay for their deaths”, she continued saying. She knew the pain and trauma she faced; she knew how she searched for shelter door to door trying to run away from her parents’ killers. She remembered how homeless, scared and tattered she was.

At 16 she became an orphan when she needed her parents the most. She used to be grateful to Easton for picking her off the streets and giving her shelter but now she hated him because she was spared to be a killer and a thief. It made her more angry thinking about getting married to the person who murdered her parents. She felt like running to Easton and stabbing him deep into his heart and ripping his body into tiny pieces and dropping it at the foot of his father. She spent the entire day thinking of ways to kill them both.

“I am not leaving, this wedding will still hold”, she thought, finally she had a plan and there was nothing that was going to stop. What they had thought her she would use it on them. Her entire world came crashing down, the happiness she thought she had finally gotten was merely a mirage. All she needed to do was act like she was happy again and make everyone at ease. She was not going to make him or his dad know that she knew they killed her parents, at least not yet. She had her plan set and hoped her mood wouldn’t create suspicion of any kind. She knew if his father found out she knew, he was going to erase her just like he erased her parents.

At 10pm, she heard a knock at her door, she knew he was going to eventually come. She ignored him because she knew he was going to get in anyway. She watched the door knob turn and saw the door open slowly as he peered in to see her.

“can I talk to you now” he asked. He didn’t get any response from her, he pushed the door further and got in. “Crystal, you have been here all day. I’ve not been myself all day, I’ve just been looking for positive ways to please you”

“you don’t have to do that, you have done enough and I appreciate”. He looked her and wondered why she sounded so different. He knew if he did not push harder he was going to go no where with her.

“look Crystal, I am going to be your husband soon. Your pain is my pain and your joy is mine also. Tell me the problem, let me share in your thoughts please” he pleaded

“if only you knew”, she thought. “I am fine Easton it was just a terrible mood swing”

“mood swing?, I have seen your mood swing but this goes beyond mood swing, something is making you so angry”

“Easton believe me when I say I am fine”

“okay, if you don’t want me to know yet, its fine by me, but you would tell me later on”, he kissed her forehead, “always know I would love you until forever ends, so smile because you have me”. She looked at him and saw how sweet he was but that wasn’t going to change her mind a bit, her mind was made up.

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As days drew nearer Easton sort advice from one of his friends concerning her recent coldness to him.

“it’s normal. It’s the common cold feet that happens to a groom or a bride, don’t worry she would get over it” his friend tried to make his heart at ease. He got home and tried settling the decision on where their honey moon could be with her.

“I would be happy if we just come back home after the wedding”,

“and why is that?” he asked

“its less expensive”

“what do you mean less expensive, I have the money, I am not broke”

“I know but that’s what I want”

“I am not buying it”

“ok fine. Let’s move the next day. You can book the place you want us to be”

“ok, fine by me. I love you so much”

“I love you too”. Each day that passed hardened her heart. Every time she looked at him she hallucinated his hands dripping with the blood of her parents. It grew worse by the day but she curtailed it. She bottled the anger, the betrayal, the grief she felt inside.

The final preparation for the wedding ended and it was a day to her wedding. The bridesmaids and her maid of honour, Francesca were all in the room with her, talking and laughing at the same congratulating her. Her smiles were only surface and not from her heart. They urged her to sleep early so that she wouldn’t develop eyebags around her eyes, they called it beauty sleep.

She closed her eyes but her mind was not closed. It kept roaming to the picture of her, her parents and the address behind the picture. She thought about Nathaniel, he wanted to tell her the truth but Easton killed him to shut him up. Four hours to her wedding was the time that sleep took over her. She slept off and had a dream that she was sixteen again and her parents were with her. Her dreams that night were merely memories. She woke up with tears soiling her cheeks. Today was her wedding.

“I’m getting married to my parents’ killers”, she thought. She jerked out her thoughts when she heard several persistent knocks on her door. She got up reluctantly and opened the door to see Francesca and her bridesmaid shrieking with excitement.

“what is it?”

“what do you mean what is it?, today is your wedding”, Francesca beamed, she obviously loved weddings.