Banking Episode 41


Amanda didn’t wait for a response before coming in. She placed a register on his desk in a position he could easily append his signature with his right hand. He still held on to the phone with the other hand.

‘’Yea. Are you there?’’ he asked after Amanda left his office and shut the door behind her.


‘’I’m sure you know we need to talk.’’ He calmly said.

‘’Well if its about the Ladies’ incident, I don’t think that’s a big deal.’’ She said and went on, ‘’if a pastor could be caught having a quickie with a chorister he preaches about sins and adultery to, yours ain’t no big deal.’’ There was a silence for a second before Deji spoke.

‘’we still need to talk. I need to see you.’

‘’Seeing me is not a problem. In fact I’ll be glad to have you here in my house. My roommate just travelled and I’m freaking booooored.’’ She said stretching the ‘bored.’

‘’be serious. Let’s meet at a restaurant or something.’’

‘’No way! We’re meeting here in my flat. Don’t come here playing holy holy if you don’t want to make a NO DEAL a really BIG DEAL.’’ She said meaning every word.

‘’Alright. Alright. I’ll be there by 7.’’ He responded and hung up.

He reminisced about the last time he was at Maple Wood Estate, Egbeda, where Doyin was living with her friend. She had called him around 3pm that day that she wasn’t feeling well and needed company. Deji of course asked where her roommate was, but she was quick to tell him she had travelled.

On getting there he discovered nothing was really wrong with her. Her coquette moves was enough hint. Deji wasn’t feeling none of it though. He somehow made it out of her flat that evening without making out with her.

Office romance was a no-no for him, at least before Nike was posted to his branch. He knew going back to her house might be different this time. He was at her mercy and needed to settle things with her. Well, until then.