Lethal Bride Episode 33


Being engaged to Easton was so thrilling for her. Francesca and Reuben heard about it and appeared the next day in the house, Easton’s father was happy for him but still felt uneasy about her parents death and their involvement.

Wedding plans began, Easton wanted to give her the best wedding ever, so he contacted the best wedding planner. The door bell rang, Crystal and Francesca raced to the door while Easton and Reuben looked on with smiles playing on their faces. Crystal opened the door to see a friendly face of a petit woman. The woman smiled seeing the excitement on their faces.

“hi, my name is Trisha and I would be the wedding planner of errrrrrrr”, she looked at both ladies trying to figure out who the bride was. Crystal noticed it,

“I am the Bride”, she blurted out.

“oh, congratulations honey”, Trisha moved to give her a hug. It felt weird for Crystal to bend and hug her, but she did anyway.

Trisha got into the house and was warmly received. She showed them pictures of what she had done in other weddings, then they knew she did mighty things even if she was small, they were so wowed by her works. The wedding date was fixed, the venue was picked, caterers were contacted.

Crystal wanted a seven step suspended cake with the colour of white and gold and she was definitely going to get that. Easton’s niece Ella was going to be the flower girl, one of his friend’s sons was going to be the ring bearer.

Since Crystal did not have any friends, Francesca suggested her friends to be Crystal’s bridesmaid while she would take the position of the maid of honour. Everything thing was going smoothly, all the plans were being achieved. Her dress, her shoes, earring, bracelet, tiara were already bought, she looked at them every morning she woke up, she couldn’t wait to be in them soon, she couldn’t wait for her day to come.

On the other hand Easton and Reuben went on their own to get the groom’s outfit. Easton picked Reuben from all his many friends to be the best man and his other friends got the place of groomsmen. Easton couldn’t wait to be the husband of the woman he truly loved and adored. He and Crystal had planned to fly to another country entirely for their honeymoon, but had not decided the country and location. Easton just thought about an island where the both of them would just be together alone with no disturbance for two weeks. Crystal wanted a grand hotel that had everything, but it wasn’t decided yet.

Two weeks to the wedding, Crystal was home alone with the maids; she kept rotating her engagement ring on her finger and admiring it. She was so bored and got a little pissed because Easton delayed in coming back home; he said he wanted to pick something from a mall. She walked around the house anticipating his return. She decided to go to his room.

Easton had wanted her to come to his room immediately they got engaged but she refused by telling him until they got married. She got to the door, turned the door knob and pushed it open. She looked around the grand room, she could smell his cologne, it made her miss him more.

She kept thinking about how life would be for them as man and wife, she stood in front of his mirror and imagined him behind her, holding her and kissing the nape of her neck. She closed her eyes and pictured his face smiling and telling her how much he loved her. She opened her eyes and shook her head as if by that the thoughts would fly away.

She moved to his drawers and started pulling each one lazily, just looking for something to amuse her as she waited for him to come back home. She pulled the top drawer and smiled when she saw his draws, she closed it back and kept pulling drawers. She got to the last one and pulled, she saw pieces of papers, they looked old and a bit dusty, she saw old keys, an old watch, a pen and a dusty white envelop.

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She looked at them one by one until she got to the envelop, she got a little curious on what was inside and opened it. The picture she saw left her artic cold. She was dazed and confused. Instantly she felt goose bombs all over her, her heart increased it’s pace. It all came back to her. Tears struggled to the surface no matter how hard she blinked. She covered her mouth trying to stop the sob from escaping. The grief she felt could not be stopped. She remembered the statement Nathaniel made,

“All We Had Was A Picture And An Address” she turned the picture and to her confirmation she saw her old house address where she lived with her parents. Everything within her broke, she also remembered him saying that

“You Were Spared”, she couldn’t stop her hands from shaking, she wanted to scream but suppressed it with all her strength. She couldn’t believe that Easton was part of the people that killed her parents. It dawned on her that it was this singular reason he shot Nathaniel at the basement, he didn’t want her to find out the truth.

She felt used and empty. She left the room and took the picture along with her. Everything within her broke into little pieces, pieces that could never be brought together no matter how hard anyone tried. She got to her room and cried silently. The pain she felt was great, everything in her seemed to die. She felt anger, her love slowly turned into hatred.

The image of her parents lying in their pool of blood got her more furious. She remembered her mother pleading for their lives. She remembered the chaos; she remembered the sound of the ambulance. She remembered that the bodies of her parents went missing. She remembered how scared she was that day.

Easton came back, holding a bunch of white roses and chocolates. He felt excited to be home to meet his significant other. He looked at the places she should have been, when he didn’t see her, he knew she would be in her room. He got to her and knocked, but no answer came, he knocked again and again, still there was no response. He got worried and opened the door. He saw her lying facing up, with her eyes fixed to the ceiling. He expected her to turn as soon as he came in, but she didn’t, that got him more worried, he moved closer.

“hey honey”


“what is it, are you alright?”

“yes I am, Why?”

“you look sad and your eyes are red”

“I just have a severe headache”, she said without looking at him. He kissed her forehead and handed her what he brought.

“I got these for you”

“I don’t need anything from you”.