Banking Episode 4


A friend of Mrs Williams waved at her. ‘’Nikky dear, I’ll see you around.’’ Noticing the duo approaching, she said over her shoulder in a low tone.

‘’I think you have company.’’ Tilting her head slightly to the right side, her eyes caught Kola and… Deji. Deji Adelowo. What the hell is he doing here? She thought. The duo was close now. She maintained her composure.

“Nikky, I’d like to introduce to you, my friend, Deji.’’ Kola beamed as he made the introduction. ‘’Deji, here is my cousin, Nike.’’

Deji hesitated, expecting Nike to say something. When he realized she wasn’t ready to talk, he did. ‘’Nike and I have already met.’’ If her game plan was to ignore him and act like they’ve never met, he wasn’t in on it.

‘’Yes. That’s true.’’ She finally said with equanimity. ‘’That was about a decade ago.’’ Her voice was sweet and smooth like silk.

‘’You’ve got to be kidding me!’’ Kola said with his eye brows raised. ‘’Where did you guys meet?’’

‘’Ife.’’ Deji responded with his gaze locked on the beauty in their midst. ‘’Time has done nothing to change you, Nike.’’

‘’I’ve changed more than you think,’’ she said softly. She tried to appear unruffled. It was working. Deji smiled. An argument with her right now will make no sense. He thought.

‘’Deji, I’ve been looking all over for you.’’ Theresa said behind them with a warm voice. She came to Deji’s side.
For once Deji was grateful for Theresa’s presence. She couldn’t have timed it better. His heart beat rate was unusually high at this very moment. Nike had become more breathtakingly beautiful than he remembered. Now with Theresa, an escape was the only way out. The reasonable way out of the uneasy feeling he was having was to leave her presence.

Kola Williams made his second introduction for the night. ‘’Tessy, meet my cousin, Nike. Nike, here’s Theresa Bruce.’’

Unconsciously sizing Nike up and down with a cool glance, Theresa uttered politely, ‘’it’s nice to meet you.’’

‘’My pleasure,’’ she simply responded with a smile.

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Theresa whispered something into his ear, then Deji said, ‘’if you’ll excuse us, we need to see someone.’’

Like Theresa knew Deji could not endure standing there any longer. Gosh! If he had known he would be trapped all weekend with Nike, he certainly would have made up an excuse, any excuse, not to be here. But one thing is, if Theresa was going to continue making his night like this, he might as well propose to her this very night. No, he wasn’t.

With a glass of wine in his left hand, he took Theresa’s hand with his other hand as they both made their way through the crowd. Some were dancing, while some were just roaming around as a soft music played at the background.

‘’I hope Senator is not crossed at me, I had promised him I would be early for the evening game. He was so keen on having me play the Dart game with him.’ Deji uttered sadly as they walk hand in hand.

‘’Well, I’m sure he will understand the nature of your job.’’ She said and then stopped abruptly. Deji was forced to stop too. He gave her an inquisitive look.